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Get Paid Early and Avoid NSF Fees with an ITCU Checking Account

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Having a choice is almost always a good situation to find yourself in, and that is especially true when it comes to the world of financial products and services. ITCU members have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to a checking account to call their own, whether they want the no-frills simplicity of Value Checking, or are looking for the top of-the-line premier account with the most member benefits possible in Prime Checking.

No matter the choice, though, there are two outstanding perks that every consumer checking account available from ITCU comes with: non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees being eliminated, and the ability to get paid up to two days early!

ITCU recognizes that even the best plans can go wrong, and life can happen. Therefore, NSF fees are $0.00 for all ITCU checking accountholders. Plus, if you have your direct deposit set up with ITCU, you can get your electronic deposits* up to two days early!

Take the time to explore the checking choices ITCU offers. From High-Yield Checking with its higher dividend rates, to Momentum Plus Checking and its benefits that extend to immediate family members, and every other account in-between, choosing an ITCU checking account that fits your needs is a decision with perks no matter what choice you make!

(You can get started finding the right checking account for you by visiting our main Checking page.) (*Electronic deposits include employer or government electronic payroll deposits.)

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Texting with ITCU Now Available

QR Code Allowing Visitors to Text ITCU Member CareEarlier this year, we introduced a new online chat system that put our friendly staff in touch with our members. This system allows visitors to strike up a chat with our team and offers members one more way to reach out to the InTouch team. Now, ITCU is taking it a step further and giving members the chance to let their thumbs do the talking because texting* is now available!

Members can send a message to (214) 291-1982 and start texting with our Member Care team. Or, scan the QR code on this page to start your next text conversation!

(*Messaging and data rates may apply.)

Four Quick Strikes have Hit in 2022

When will the Next One Happen?

The second quarter of the year is just now starting but there have already been four Quick Strike offers ITCU members have been able to enjoy so far in 2022! These limited time offers gave members the chance to open special CDs at rates not available to non-members, nor at any other time. When will the next Quick Strike happen? Keep your eyes on your inbox to find out! If you haven’t seen these limited time offers, you may be opted out of receiving them or we do not have your current email on file. Please let us know if you need to update this information.

(Quick Strikes are members-only offers that occur for a limited window of time. Members are alerted about them via the email address they have associated with their ITCU account. You can find out more about these specials by visiting our Quick Strike page.)

(Need to update your email address? Contact our Member Care team, at (800) 337-3328.)

Keep Track of Your Finances with Mobile and Online Banking

Mobile* and Online Banking give members the opportunity to manage their accounts with only a few taps on the screen of their smart device or on the keyboard of their computer.

Reviewing account activity, paying bills and setting budgeting goals via Money Management, our personal financial management tool, are all available for members. The convenience of the Mobile Deposit Capture service for Mobile Banking users also eliminates the need to visit your local branch to deposit a check – snap a photo and upload it to have it added to your account from the privacy of your own home!

Head over to our Digital Banking page to find out more about the features these two services offer our members.

(*Messaging and data rates may apply. Check with your service provider for details on specific fees and charges. See
our Fee Schedules for details.)

Free Space in your Wallet? Fill it with an ITCU Credit Card

Young Woman Sitting in Chair Resting Feet on Windowsill and Using LaptopIt was not long ago that our wallets were overflowing with items that have since been consolidated. Photos of our children? We can download those from the cloud. Receipts from purchases made? Those can be tracked via email. Even those cards every coffee shop had where you got a hole punched once per visit (or twice on Tuesdays!) now no longer need to take up space in our wallets because those kinds of loyalty programs are often tied to our phones.

Of course, credit cards are more important than ever these days, with an ITCU credit card being a great resource to have available. But do you need it in your wallet? Before we can answer that, let’s review what an ITCU card provides. ITCU offers two Mastercard® credit card types for our members1: Platinum and Platinum Rewards. Both credit cards offer many of the same member benefits, from comprehensive ID theft restoration services to a selection of travel insurance options when out for business or pleasure. Each ITCU credit card also has no annual fee and a competitive rate, and the Platinum Rewards card allows cardholders the opportunity to earn points2 and redeem them for small appliances, electronics and even fuel discounts!

And then there are digital wallets. Fortunately, both ITCU credit cards are also compatible with many of today’s most popular contactless payment options. You can add your card to Apple Pay®, Google Pay™ or Samsung Pay™ and enjoy the convenience of a mobile wallet to “tap and pay” for purchases without needing your actual plastic card.

So, while your “mobile” wallet does have room for your credit card, what about your physical wallet? Well, you may want to keep your credit card with you just in case a digital pay option is not offered wherever you roam (though more merchants are supporting them).

Therefore, if you have room in your wallet, you might find that an ITCU credit card is the perfect fit. Head over to our Credit Cards page to find out more about these two options.

(1Loans subject to approval; 2See ScoreCardRewards.com for complete list of available rewards and requirements.)

Financial Literacy Resources Available from ITCU

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Data from the most recent FINRA® National Financial Capability Study shows that 19 percent of individuals surveyed nationwide spent more annually than their income, and 46 percent of the same audience lacked a “rainy day fund.”* A large misconception about financial literacy is that it is something only teenagers and young adults need to learn. The truth is financial literacy is important regardless of age.

April is National Financial Literacy Month, and now is the perfect time to brush up on your financial awareness, whether on your own or with your family. ITCU has a variety of free resources members can consider on our website, including the following:

  • Knowledge of Financial Education (or KOFE) training. A series of free, learn-at-your-own-pace modules help users review financial topics, such as budgeting and making financially based decisions. A combination of webinars, videos and interactive courses allow for a better understanding of financial building blocks, like savings and building credit.
  • It’s a Money Thing® playlists. More than three dozen informative videos are available on topics as wide-ranging as the importance of a credit score, to the impact of a side hustle. These helpful and humorous videos are geared towards young adults about to enter the “real world,” but their lessons can easily be applied to anyone wanting to learn more about the stock market, interviewing for a job or even paying for a pet.
  • Access to more than 35 free calculators, covering auto buying, home financing, savings, retirement and managing debt. These easy- to-use calculators allow users to better plan for upcoming financial decisions, whether that involves comparing the monthly payment of two cars or meeting a savings goal for an upcoming vacation.
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And, as always, the ITCU staff is available to assist you with questions regarding your checking, savings and other financial matters. Reach out to our Member Care team at (800) 337-3328, or send us a message
via our Contact Us page.

(* FINRA Investor Education Foundation National Financial Capability Study, www.usfinancialcapability.org/)

You and Us. Fighting Hunger Together.

ITCU is on a mission to donate one-million dollars to local food banks. Learn how every ITCU loan you make and every card purchase you do will help our food banks serve our communities.

Access to Documents

Members may request a copy of InTouch Credit Union’s updated Bylaws and 990 Reports by emailing [email protected] or writing to the following address: InTouch Credit Union, Attn: Audit Committee, P.O. Box 250169, Plano, Texas 75025-0169. You can view our most recent annual report on our website.

Volunteer Notice

InTouch Credit Union depends on talented, non-paid volunteers to help govern the institution. If you would like to be considered for a volunteer role, please contact Barb Holman, at (214) 291-1776, or [email protected], for a volunteer application and information packet.


If you have a problem with services provided by this credit union, please contact us at: InTouch Credit Union, P.O. Box 250169, Plano, Texas 75025; Telephone: (800) 337-3328, option 5; Email: [email protected].

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