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You and Us, Fighting Hunger Together

We're on a mission and you can make a difference! InTouch Credit Union

Thank you to all of our Members and Employees for their support!

By choosing to do business with ITCU, our members have now allowed more than $300,000 to be donated to the North Texas Food Bank, Gleaners Food Bank and Three Square Food Bank!

We're proud to serve our members and our communities in which we operate, and look forward to continuing to do both in the years to come!

Check out the videos for some highlights from our Michigan and Nevada teams.

MI Highlight Reel
NV Volunteer Video with Voiceover

With the Help of Our Members, InTouch Credit Union Will Provide $1 Million to Combat Food Insecurity!

You've seen the stories on the news: USDA estimates hunger struggles affected 38 million people in 2019. Feeding America confirmed that number has risen dramatically, with 42 million people being ravaged by food insecurity in 2021. It's estimated that 13 million children go hungry daily, not being able to definitively say when or where their next meal will come from.

ITCU Wants to Make Food Security a Reality. And You can Help.

What is ITCU Going to Do?

We’re on a mission to fight food insecurity in the communities our members and our staff live in, enjoy and call home. Choosing to bank with ITCU won't just benefit you (credit union members), and our credit union, but it will also be good for people struggling with hunger in our communities. We are in this together, fighting hunger!

You and Us, Fighting Hunger Together is therefore our goal as we push to contribute $1 million to the local food banks right here in our communities!

How can Members Help?

When you open a loan with us or use our debit or credit card to make a purchase, we will contribute a portion of revenue to our shared mission of combating hunger--a problem that affects moms, dads, seniors and children we see every day.

That portion of revenue will go toward a cumulative $1 million total goal we've set for ourselves... but who's to say we will stop at $1 million? We could easily surpass $1 million with your help because every loan counts and every card swipe, dip or tap counts! Choosing to add your ITCU card as the preferred choice for Apple Pay® or Google Pay™, or to pay your utility bills and streaming subscriptions, etc., also count! The more you allow InTouch Credit Union to work for you and your financial well-being, the faster we will reach our goal, together!

How Far will $1 Million Go?

Further than you think! Funds collected will not only result in the creation of meals for those individuals fighting food insecurity, but they also allow our partnering food banks opportunities to provide additional support. Workshops concerning budgeting practices, guidance on decision-making and other informative resources can be created with your actions and support - doing the things you're already doing with InTouch Credit Union.

From all of us at ITCU, thank you for your business and allowing us to serve you! You and us, fighting hunger together!

(Please click here if you would like to learn more about hunger and hunger relief programs in your area.)

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