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Choose Your ITCU Credit Card Mastercard®

(Effective Saturday, March 5, 2022, Mastercard® has suspended all Russia operations. Any Mastercard® issued by a financial institution in the United States will no longer work within the Russian Federation. For further information, please click here for Mastercard's®statement.)

InTouch Credit Cards are Packed With Benefits

A credit card can be the most useful tool in your wallet. InTouch Credit Union offers members plenty of utility with our  achieve!credit card Mastercard, celebrate!credit card Mastercard and connect!credit card Mastercard credit card Mastercards®. Accepted virtually everywhere, Mastercard® and ITCU bring you a host of card benefits either not found or only available at a higher cost, including Purchase Price Protection, competitive rates, card controls and uChoose Rewards® (uChoose Rewards only available with connect! card). 

achieve! Credit Card Art

achieve! Mastercard®

Your first card? Enjoy the convenience only a credit card can provide1 and achieve! your goals

Learn Moreabout achieve! credit card Mastercard Apply Nowfor achieve! credit card Mastercard

celebrate! Credit Card Art

celebrate! Mastercard®

No annual fee and a highly competitive rate* are reasons to celebrate!

Learn Moreabout celebrate! credit card Mastercard Apply Nowfor celebrate! credit card Mastercard

connect! Credit Card Art

connect! Mastercard®

connect! with a card with no annual fee and uChoose Rewards!

Learn Moreabout connect! credit card Mastercard Apply Nowfor connect! credit card Mastercard

Competitive Rates Help You Save Money

You won’t have to shop around for a great rate. Once you see InTouch’s low credit card rates -rates lower than the national average*, in fact- the only decision left is which InTouch credit card you want to choose.

*16.26% average minimum Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for new credit cards as reported by on 04/06/2022.

(Platinum and Platinum Rewards credit card Mastercards® are no longer offered by ITCU. Cardholders may still visit these pages for information related to their cards.)

Three Easy Ways to Get Your InTouch Credit Card*

(*Subject to approval and ITCU membership.)


For 24/7 assistance with your credit card, please call (888) 999-5567.

The Fine Print

As with all credit cards, there are fees and limitations that you will want to be aware of. We supply these disclosures to every new card holder, but you may preview them before applying as well.

View achieve!, celebrate!, connect! Application and Solicitation Disclosure

View achieve!, celebrate!, connect! Credit Card Agreement