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Debit Card Mastercard® 

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(Effective Saturday, March 5, 2022, Mastercard®  has suspended all Russia operations. Any Mastercard issued by a financial institution in the United States will no longer work within the Russian Federation. For further information please click here for Mastercard's statement)

Peace of mind is another benefit of making an ITCU debit card your card of choice. The ITCU Debit Card Mastercard® offers Extended Warranty Insurance that doubles the coverage of the original manufacturer’s warranty for up to one year, Price Protection that provides a refund of the price difference within 120 days of making a purchase if you find a lower price elsewhere, and a Satisfaction Guarantee of up to $250 per product within 60 days of the purchase. Contact Mastercard directly at 800-Mastercard to learn more about the restrictions, terms and conditions for these programs or to submit a claim.

Feel even more secure knowing you have access to ID Theft Resolution Services, which provides members with identity theft services, including assistance with card replacement, resolution kit, and more. Mastercard® offers Zero Liability against unauthorized transactions if your card is lost or stolen, regardless of the transaction type (PIN-based, ATM-based, etc.). 

If ever you need to report your Debit card Mastercard® stolen, please call 1-800-337-3328 to report it and for us to immediately block use of it. However, if you believe you may have misplaced it, consider using our Mobile Banking app to temporarily "turn off" your card until you know for sure it is unrecoverable. (Click on the "Cards" icon at the bottom of the app screen to access card controls.) This will prevent the need to block the card and wait for a replacement card to be mailed to you. If you find it, just use the app to turn it back on again. If you don't, use the appropriate number provide above/below to report it and we'll be glad to order a new one for you.

To report lost or stolen debit cards after business hours (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) please call 1 (844) 773-1016. Or you may also fill out our online Debit or ATM Card Request or Lost / Stolen form.

Contact us at 800-337-3328 for assistance if your Debit Card PIN isn't working - we'll be glad to help!

Every ITCU Debit Card Transaction Helps Provide Donations to Local Food Banks

Learn More about How You can Help just by Using Your Debit Card

Debit Card Lost or Stolen?

If your debit card goes missing, don't panic.

Reach out to the ITCU team by filling out this form.

My Cards Manages Your Debit Card with Ease

Your ITCU Debit Card Mastercard® is already a convenient way to make transactions, complete withdrawals and more. It should also be equally convenient to control. That's where My Cards comes in. Look for the Cards icon at the bottom of the ITCU Mobile Banking app to link to My Cards and immediately be in total control of your card. Turn it on or off as you need to (a great relief if you ever misplace it), control how and where it can be used, and set up alerts to monitor any transactions you want keep track of. 

If you aren't using the Mobile Banking app yet, download it to your phone from the applicable app store (Apple® or Google™). Click here to learn more about Mobile Banking.

Don't Forget: Apple Pay®, Google Pay™ and Samsung Pay™ Support Available!

Bring the convenience and speed of tap-and-pay purchasing to your smart devices with Apple Pay®, Google Pay™ and Samsung Pay™ wherever the options are provided. Download the desired "Pay" app(s) to your device today and start using your ITCU debit card as your preferred method of payment for all of your on-the-go buying needs!

Mastercard® SecureCode

ITCU debit card users will receive the following authentication prompts if an online transaction is flagged for authentication:

Authentication Request

If you conduct, or will be conducting, an online purchase using your debit card with a merchant that uses Mastercard® SecureCode services, you may see an authentication message onscreen upon submitting your payment. This message will prompt you to either enter a unique, one-time password (sent through a text message to a registered phone number), or answer pre-selected security questions, before continuing and completing your transaction.

Failed Authentication Request

If you attempt an online purchase using your debit card with a Mastercard® SecureCode merchant and it does not complete, the transaction may be considered high risk (potential for fraud) because it is an unusual transaction type or is not one you have done before. If so, you will see a message indicating it as a “high risk” transaction and has not been authenticated through the Mastercard® SecureCode service. For security purposes and user safety, this authentication cannot be processed. You will need to call (800) 337-3328 for assistance.

Additional Available Services

For lost or stolen ATM and Mastercard® Debit Cards, please contact us to report the loss and immediately block your card.

Report Lost/Stolen Card

See the latest information regarding current scams and other fraud trends.

View Fraud Alerts

Earn cash rebates, gift cards and more just by using your ITCU Debit Mastercard®. Explore uChoose Rewards® now!

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