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Financial Capability & Awareness

Knowledge of Financial Education (KOFE) Resources

InTouch Credit Union has partnered with KOFE: “Knowledge of Financial Education” to provide you free resources and guidance to achieve your financial well-being. You now have access to learning tools regarding money, budgeting, credit, life events and many other topics. These resources are provided for free to educate, motivate, and empower you to live a financially savvy lifestyle.

We encourage you to explore the interactive courses, webinars, and videos to learn about techniques and tools that will help you in your everyday financial decision-making. You can also take advantage of free financial coaching to help guide your financial decision-making and assist in establishing and achieving your financial goals.

InTouch Inspire YouTube Playlist

If you're looking for a fundamentals of financial awareness overview, our InTouch Inspire YouTube playlist is a perfect resource. Using a combination of videos from our It's a Money Thing series, as well as other helpful information, this is one playlist that will inspire savers of all ages.

Silvur - Retirement Simplified

With more than 400 online courses to pick from, covering topics like Social Security, Medicare and more, plus newsworthy email and other informative communications, the team with Silvur is here to help members over the age of 50 navigate the complexities of the retirement world.

Art of Allowance

Art of Allowance creates a blend of resources for Kids, Teens, Parents and Educators. Our portal has a section for each group. Discover games, videos, articles and toolkits to help bring financial education full circle!

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The InTouch Credit Union blog is updated with helpful articles to assist you with your everyday financial decisions.

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