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uChoose Rewards®

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Get Started with 20,000 Points* and Start Redeeming for Rewards!

Choose to Use uChoose, Receive Up to 20,000 Points*!

What's better than a platform that gives you points for using your related ITCU credit card when making purchases? Receiving up to 20,000 points to use in that platform for perks like gift cards and cash back!

ITCU members new to uChoose Rewards with either a connect! Credit Card Mastercard® or ITCU Business Rewards Mastercard® Credit Card can enroll in uChoose Rewards® and receive a one-time bonus of 5,000 uChoose points!

Plus, new connect! Credit Card and ITCU Business Rewards Credit cardholders will receive an additional 5,000 uChoose Rewards points after making their first purchase using their card!

And, if you're wanting to get started with this promotion and you need to open a connect! Credit Card or ITCU Business Rewards Credit Card, you'll receive 10,000 points for opening either card!

What are you waiting for? Choose to use uChoose, and enjoy the extra points!

(*Conditions apply. One-time bonus of 5,000 uChoose points for completing first purchase available on qualifying transactions and not on money transfers, manual/automatic cash disbursements, financial institution-based merchandise/services/debt repayments and non-financial institution foreign currency, non-fiat currency, liquid and cryptocurrency, money orders, account funding, travelers cheques and debt repayments. One-time bonus of 10,000 uChoose points for opening either a connect! Credit Card or ITCU Business Platinum Credit Card will be provided if cardholder spends a minimum of $1,500.00 using their card within the first six months/180 days of opening card. All cardholders who meet the requirements for an incentive offer will be awarded their points on the first of the month following the qualification. uChoose Rewards registration required to receive the above incentives. For questions or assistance, please contact our team.)

Earn Rewards Using Your ITCU Debit or Rewards Credit Card

ITCU debit and rewards credit cards provide the convenience of in-store and online purchasing wherever Mastercard® is accepted and now there's even more reason to make your ITCU cards your go-to-choice for all your payment needs: uChoose Rewards®

This program allows you to earn points when your ITCU debit or rewards credit card is used to pay for everyday spending, bill payments, memberships, subscriptions and almost anything else you can use one of those cards as a method of payment!  Better yet, points earned by your debit and rewards cards can be combined and redeemed for cash back, gift cards and merchandise! (Note: points may be combined with cards associated with the same membership account. Points cannot be combined between consumer and business accounts.)

Your Rewards Can Add Up!

Note that card type determines the equivalent point(s) that can be earned for each dollar paid. See below for the number of points earned by card type for each dollar spent on qualifying purchases or payments. Maximize points earning by utilizing an ITCU card wherever Mastercard® is accepted. And remember, points from all qualifying card types can be combined for faster, better reward redemptions - including cash back!

Card TypePoints per $1 Spent:
Debit Card (Consumer/Business)10.5
Platinum Rewards Credit Card1
connect! Credit Card1.75
Business Rewards Credit Card2 up to 50K annually (1 thereafter)

(1HSA debit cards do not earn points.)

uChoose Rewards is available to members and business members at no cost; simply enroll in the program after activating an eligible2 ITCU debit or rewards credit card through the link provided on this page or through our online or mobile banking apps. (Insider Tip: Earn bonus points for making purchases within the uChoose Rewards site.) 

For Mobile Banking users, log into the mobile banking app and click on the "Cards" icon at the bottom of the screen to link to My Cards.  For Online Banking users, click on the "Manage Cards" tab at the top of the screen to link to the Manage Cards screen. For both experiences, you'll then be able to view transactions for both cards and link to the rewards site to view all available rewards choices and make your redemption selections.

When you link to uChoose Rewards, you'll immediately see your current points total. Note that it can take up to 30 days for earned points to appear but, in most cases, they will appear much sooner. (Insider Tip: If you have a debit and rewards credit card, be sure to link both cards so points will be pooled, and you can redeem points quicker and for even better rewards, including merchandise, gift cards, entertainment options and cash back!

Keep in mind that no matter which card first brings you to the uChoose Rewards page, you'll want to link any other eligible debit and credit cards to the same account if not already displayed on the page. This will ensure your rewards points total always reflects the total combined points for all eligible card types.

2Enrollment in uChoose Rewards is required before card use will begin earning points. Points may be combined by cards associated with the same membership but points cannot be combined between consumer and business accounts. Health Savings Account debit cards are not eligible for uChoose Rewards. 

Ready to log in or register for uChoose Rewards? Click below or enroll through our online or mobile banking apps.

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(uChoose Rewards is a registered trademark of Fiserv, Inc.)

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