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The Credit Union Difference

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Membership - There is a Difference!

While credit unions offer similar financial products and services, and accounts are insured up to $250,000, just like a bank, there are some significant differences – and even a difference in what InTouch Credit Union offers! Here’s just a few of those differences that matter:


You’re an owner of InTouch Credit Union if you’re a member (not just a customer)! Therefore, any credit cards and accounts you have with InTouch are working for you - and other members. How? After expenses, most profits are returned to members in the form of better rates and lower fees.

Banks, on the other hand, are owned by stockholders. The credit cards and accounts a customer holds at a bank are working for the stockholders' profits first – not their customers.

Personalized Service

You’re going to receive more individual attention. Decisions are made at a local level, not routed through a corporate office on Wall Street. Because we work with a smaller member base, there is more of a one-on-one experience between staff and members.

Better Rates and Programs

Because we do not have to pay a group of stockholders first, InTouch is able to offer better loan rates, pay higher dividends (what we call interest) on checking and savings accounts, and charge lower fees. In some cases we charge no fee at all (e.g., we no longer charge a non-sufficient funds fee [NSF] when the occasional "oops" happens).

Who gets the Profits?

You do! Not only does this mean we can we offer better rates and fees, but we can also provide benefits for using your debit card for purchases – paying even higher dividends (see our High-Yield Checking account) and offering a free points program called uChoose Rewards®. Earn points and redeem them for merchandise, gift cards and CASH BACK!

Guidance and Education

We’re just as interested in your financial well-being as we are in your accounts. We demonstrate this in many ways, not just with better rates and lower fees; we also provide free online/mobile banking apps, online calculators, webinars, financial learning resources, fraud-prevention guidance, budgeting and goal-setting tools, and the list goes on!

We invite you to open an account and let us show you the InTouch Credit Union member difference. The ITCU way is to always be working for you and your financial well-being!

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