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Cash!n CD: A Great Rate that Moves with the Market!

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Cash!n Today and Enjoy Great Rates and No Long-Term Commitment!

Cash!n with a share certificate of deposit from ITCU!

Your Cash!n CD provides...

  • A competitive rate that members can take advantage of for as little as $1,000.00
  • The flexibility of a 2-month term, allowing you to enjoy changing rates faster
  • "Set it and forget it" reassurance; set up auto-renew and get the then-current rate without having to start over

Cash!n Today!

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What other ITCU products offer higher dividend rates?

A High-Yield Checking Account earns you access to exclusive HYC Share Certificate rates. You will not only get the highest rates available for certificate terms up to 60 months but also enjoy better rates on your checking balances!

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Need more flexibility and access?

Our Money Fund Account covers both needs and pays higher dividends like you would typically see on certificates, too. Easily withdraw money via debit card or checking, and take advantage of a tiered account framework that rewards you with higher dividend rates based on your account balance! (Minimum balances apply.)

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Certificate of Deposit FAQ

How do I fund a CD?

ITCU offers you a variety of options to fund your CD:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Internal or external transfer
  • Wire transfer

How is my CD's interest calculated?

ITCU credits and compounds dividends earned on Certificates of Deposit monthly. Your statement shows the dividends your CD has earned. You have the option of depositing dividends directly into a specified account or rolling it into the CD.

What happens when my CD matures?

At maturity, most CDs* automatically renew for the same term at the most current rate, unless you instruct otherwise during the renewal period. Speak to your account representative to find out how to roll over your funds at the best rate, or to move your funds into your regular ITCU account at the end of your CD’s term.

What is the penalty for early withdrawals?

Aside from the Cash!n CD, all ITCU CDs come with a 90-day interest forfeiture penalty for early withdraws and closures.

If you are pulling from a Save to Win® CD, you are allowed one withdraw during the 12-month cycle for a $25.00 fee. If you close the Save to Win® CD early, there is a $25.00 penalty and a 90-day interest forfeiture penalty. Please see our fee schedule for more information. 

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