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Regular Savings Account

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The Foundation of Your InTouch Membership

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Personal Savings Accounts are important whether you’re saving for something specific or simply building financial security. InTouch Credit Union offers a variety of savings programs designed to make the most of your money. Personal Savings is your own cash reserve, where you can keep your money as it accumulates. It earns interest, and you can withdraw your cash, or transfer it to your other ITCU accounts when needed.

The Account All Members Start With

Joining InTouch Credit Union starts with a Regular Savings Account, which establishes your membership. A minimum balance of $5.00 must be deposited and maintained in the Regular Savings Account as your share in the Credit Union. You can have multiple savings accounts for different purposes or to keep money aside for a rainy day.

Convenient Access to Your Funds

ITCU members have access to over 30,000 surcharge-free Non-ITCU ATMs across the country. Please note that while ATM owner surcharges can be avoided using a surcharge-free ATMs, Regular Savings account holders receive up to two Non-ITCU ATM withdrawals per month without a fee from ITCU.*

Savings Account FAQ

How can I qualify for membership in ITCU?

The easiest way to qualify for membership with ITCU is to live, work, worship or attend school within a county where ITCU operates a branch. In addition, our members are drawn from the employees, current or retired, and their families from a group of employers. Check out our Membership Eligibility page today to see if you qualify. 

What kinds of Savings does ITCU offer?

ITCU has a savings account for nearly every savings profile. You may find that you fit several! In addition to Regular Savings, we offer age-specific accounts for our younger members, and investment instruments for those planning for the future, and many in between. Check out the variety we offer and start saving today.

Why is saving important, when interest rates seem low?

Besides being a safe place to keep your money when you are not using it (credit union savings accounts are insured by the NCUA, a government-backed agency that insures deposits for up to $250,000.00), savings accounts earn interest on money that you place there. Having a solid savings account is an excellent way to keep funds available for vacations, events, emergencies, or to supplement other accounts, such as checking. Look into the variety of accounts ITCU offers to make saving work for you.

Start On the Path to Saving

* See Fee Schedule for fee and related disclosures.