Digital Banking Update 2024 - InTouch Credit Union
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ITCU Digital Banking is Here!

A New ITCU Digital Banking Experience is Here!

If You’re a Current Digital Banking User, You May Log in Now!
(New User? Enrollment is once again available!)

(Note: If you are an Android™*phone user, you may have to scroll through the returned search results in the Google Play Store to find the ITCU app. By searching for "intouch credit union" in the Google Play Store, you will get the app to appear sooner in your results. If you would rather jump directly to the app, please click here.)

(Last updated 04/30/2024)

With a focus on providing our members with enhanced service options, more user-friendly features and other exciting updates, ITCU is proud to introduce a new Digital Banking platform!

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What's New with ITCU Digital Banking?

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Dates, Deadlines and More Important Info.

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What to Expect in the New Digital Banking

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Getting Started FAQs

Q. Will my log in experience to the new Digital Banking change?

A. That depends. If you log into Digital Banking (our new name for Online and Mobile Banking) from our website, there’s no change in how you will log in. However, If you have saved the login page as a favorite, you will need to log in from our website at least the first time.

Q. Do I have to download a new mobile app?

A. If you are an Apple® user and have automatic updates turned on, you don’t - the new Digital Banking version will automatically replace the current version. If you don’t have it turned on, or if you are an Android™* user, you will have to remove the current ITCU mobile app and download the new version from the appropriate app store.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

(*Android is a trademark of Google LLC)

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