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ITCU Online / Mobile Banking Update (Coming Soon)

Dates, Deadlines and More Important Information

(Last Updated: 04/15/2024)

Q. When will the Digital Banking update take place?

A. The Digital Banking update will take place in Q2 2024.

Q. Will I have to set up my account alerts again?

A. Yes; any account alerts you may have previously had will need to be re-established in Digital Banking.

Q. I have my accounts in Online/Mobile Banking arranged in a certain order or renamed with nicknames. Will these preferences transfer to the new platform?

A. Nicknames already established will carry over, yes. However, the reordering of your accounts will need to be done again after the conversion.

Q. What about my current bill payees? Do I have to set those up again, and if I have any scheduled bill payments during this conversion, will they still be sent?

A. Your existing bill payees will rollover to the new Digital Banking platform. And, if you have any scheduled payments set that occur during the conversion, they will still be sent out.

Q. Will there be a cutoff date for logging into Bill Pay to manage existing payments or setting up new payments?

A. Yes, as we draw near to the change, we will announce a date that you will be unable to log into Bill Pay. This should only be in place a few days before the change takes place.

Q. Will my recurring transfers be affected?

A. If they were created before Tuesday, April 16, 2024, nope! However, any new recurring transfers created, modified or deleted after this date will need to be recreated the first time you log into Digital Banking. (We recommend only completing onetime transfers at this time until we go live… which will be soon!)

Q. Will existing Online/Mobile Banking features I use still be available? For example, Zelle® or remote deposit capture.

A. Existing features and platforms you are used to seeing in the current Online/Mobile Banking environment will still be available. Zelle® will function as it does today, financial wellness features will allow users to set up goals, alerts, budgets, etc., and remote deposit capture will be easier to use and more responsive than before.

Q. I’m a Direct Connect Quickbooks user. Will I still have access to Direct Connect with the new Digital Banking?

A. Direct Connect Quickbooks will not be supported in the new Digital Banking; users are encouraged to begin using Web Connect. If, on the other hand, you are a Direct Connect Quicken user, you will need to either use Web Connect or Express Web Connect going forward. A walkthrough on how to set Web Connect up is available in our FAQ here.

Q. Will Digital Banking be available on iOS and Android™*? I already have the ITCU app installed on my phone and want to continue using it.

A. Absolutely! But please note that while Apple® users will either have the ITCU Digital Banking app open to the new platform or prompt the user to download an update for the app, Android users will need to remove the existing app and download the app again from the Google Play store once live.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

(*Android is a trademark of Google LLC)

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