Swift, Simple, and Secure: Opening Your Checking Account Online

While opening an account at the closest branch may seem like the best way to start up a checking account, advances in online services make opening a checking account online not only possible, but fast and easy, as well. InTouch Credit Union knows that your life is busy. Instead of dashing across town, a few minutes of document collection, plus a few more minutes with our online application, can have your checking account up and running before you know it.

A Credit Union Checking Account Begins with Membership

Credit unions are member-owned financial institutions. That means we are here to serve our member-owners, and not uninvolved shareholders. When you open a checking account you also join ITCU, and you are eligible to stay a member no matter where you go: once a member, always a member. With our Online Banking and Mobile Banking tools, that is easier than ever.

If you are not already an ITCU member, the online application will include questions to determine your eligibility. Membership is open to people with a wide variety of eligibility criteria, from living, working, worshipping, or attending school in eligible counties in Michigan, Texas, or Nevada, to working for one of the employee groups we serve. If you are not sure if you qualify for membership, check out our membership eligibility page.

Every membership requires a $5.00 minimum deposit into a Savings account, representing your “ownership stake” in the credit union. You can continue to use this Regular Savings Account as long as you like; it remains open with the original share in it.  From there, you can decide which checking account works best for you.

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A Few Minutes of Preparation Makes Opening Your Checking Account Online Simple and Easy

When you fill out the online application, you will need to have a few documents handy, like your Social Security number and driver’s license (or state ID) for yourself and co-applicant if you want to have joint accountholders, and the names of chosen beneficiaries. With this small amount of advance preparation, you can wrap up your online checking account application in a few minutes.

Each of the five checking account options at InTouch requires a $50.00 minimum deposit and funding is just as fast and easy.

InTouch Credit Union wants everyone to feel welcome to come by any of our branches for quick transactions and longer account-related processes alike, but we are also here for you online. We believe your time is valuable and no matter how you choose to do business with us, we offer services that take your time seriously.