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Auto Loans

Fast Auto Loans with Affordable Monthly Payments

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Auto Loans for All Types of Situations

    New Car Loans

    Buying a new car is an exciting prospect, but one that can require unexpected decisions. InTouch Credit Union provides helpful tools and information to help guide you in your vehicle search with our Auto Buying Help. It is a select group of resources that can make your vehicle purchase a smooth ride. From loan calculators to preferred dealerships, InTouch is here to help.

    A great example of using ITCU’s Auto Buying Help is the common rebate dilemma: It can be difficult to calculate quickly whether an offer is the best for you. Typically, dealers pose a choice between a rebate and their lower in-house financing rate as an incentive to finance through them.  Use our Auto Rebate Calculator to determine which is more cost effective for you. Often, you will find that the best road to the best deal is to finance through your local credit union and take the dealer’s rebate.

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    Used Car Loans

    Buying a used car can be a great decision. You can often save quite a bit of money on the purchase price by finding a good quality used vehicle. InTouch Credit Union offers you fantastic resources on our Auto Buying Help page. There, you’ll find helpful tools and information to help guide you in your vehicle search.

    Using the variety of calculators offered by ITCU can help you to compare payments of different loan amounts, the effects of different loan terms, and other facets of paying for the vehicles that you are considering. 

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    Refinance Your Auto Loan

    If your auto loan’s terms are not working well for you, then maybe it is time to refinance your auto loan at InTouch Credit Union. We can help you determine whether a change to the term, the payments, or the rate is right for you.

    Our Auto Loan Calculator factors in your interest rate and terms to figure out your monthly payment. Or work backwards from a monthly payment you can afford to see which term is right for you.

    Car ownership can be challenging, but InTouch Credit Union wants to put you on the smoothest road possible with information and services that offer the help you need when you want it.

    Keep Your Car but Lower Your Payment!

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    Auto Insurance FAQ

    Q: Must I carry auto insurance?

    A: As part of your loan obligation, you will be required to maintain physical damage insurance for the full term of your loan. You may have received a letter or email from ITCU requesting a current copy of your insurance, showing ITCU as the lienholder on your insurance policy. If you have not already responded or asked your agent to respond to us, you can submit your insurance information by mail, fax or online.

    Q: Why should I verify my insurance?

    A: One of the requirements of the Loan Agreement you signed with InTouch Credit Union is to provide comprehensive and collision coverage, homeowners insurance coverage, or flood insurance coverage protecting the Credit Union’s interest for the full term of the your loan. You are responsible for notifying ITCU that you have this required insurance.

    Q: How do I verify my insurance with ITCU?

    A: You should submit proof of insurance online, using the secure tools we set up for this purpose, or by mail or Fax.

     Submit Proof of Insurance Online

    • Visit the secure Insurance Verification site
    • Submit your insurance information on this site
    • We will verify your insurance information
    • Once verified, the insurance information will be added to your account

    Submit Proof of Insurance by Mail or Fax

    InTouch Credit Union
    P.O. Box 260726
    Plano, TX 75026
    Fax: 800-713-0260

    Q: What do I do if I don’t have insurance? 

    A: You need to get it.

    Your Loan Agreement requires that you carry physical damage insurance coverage, homeowner’s insurance coverage, or flood insurance coverage to protect the Credit Union’s interest. Please notify ITCU once you have obtained the required insurance.

    You can do it yourself— Please contact the insurance agent or insurance company of your choice to obtain coverage, making sure to name InTouch Credit Union as Loss Payee/Lienholder on your new policy.

    Or, we can do it for you.

    If you don’t obtain your own insurance, your signed Loan Agreement allows ITCU to purchase insurance to protect our interest in your collateral and add the premium for the purchased insurance to your loan balance. It also allows ITCU to increase your payments to cover the cost.

    The insurance purchased by InTouch Credit Union usually is considerably more than the cost of insurance you may be able to obtain on your own, and only protects the Credit Union’s interest in your collateral. It will not provide any bodily injury or property damage liability coverage, nor meet any financial responsibility or no-fault laws. The insurance will not provide medical insurance, uninsured motorist or underinsured motorist coverage.

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