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Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Lock in a Higher Dividend Rate with a CD.

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InTouch Credit Union Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are accounts with fixed interest rates* that generally earn higher dividends than savings accounts. Terms range from 3-60 months and have a minimum $1,000.00* deposit requirement to open an account. Your money stays put in a secured account, while you earn great rates.

CD Rates and Terms

When you open a CD, you choose a term, from 3 months to 60 months, and you leave your money alone to earn interest. If you decide to withdraw it early, it incurs a penalty. But you do not have to tie your money up for long terms, and you can roll it over into a new CD at the end of its term if you still want to keep it earning.*

Whether you’re interested in a quick 3-month term, a higher-rate 60-month term, or any of our other convenient terms, ITCU has a CD to fit your needs. Even better, you can open most CDs with a minimum balance as low as $1,000.00 - an affordable way to begin saving now and earning more than you would by leaving your funds in an ordinary savings or checking account!

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Looking for even better dividend rates? Open a High-Yield Checking Account and gain access to special HYC Certificate of Deposit rates. Earn great rates on your checking balances and get the highest rates available for CD terms up to 60 months. 

Certificate of Deposit FAQ

Q: What happens to my deposit at the end of a CD’s term?

A: At maturity, most CDs* automatically renew for the same term, and at the current rate, unless you instruct otherwise during the renewal period. Speak to your account representative to find out how to roll over your funds at the best rate, or to move your funds into your regular ITCU account at the end of your CD’s term.

Q: When or how often is the interest on my CD calculated?

A: ITCU credits and compounds dividends earned on Certificates monthly. The amount of the dividends earned will be shown on your statement. Dividends may be deposited directly into a specified account or rolled into the certificate.

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*Excludes special or limited-time certificates which may have different minimum deposit, rate structure, renewal terms or other conditions.

† Deposits in ITCU are insured through NCUA. Click here for more details about NCUA insurance.