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Supported Devices for Mobile Banking

The following Apple®* iPhone and iPad devices, and devices running Google Android™* operating systems, are currently supported and optimized for your Mobile Banking access.

Supported Phones

Brand/ManufacturerModelMax OS SupportedBiometric Supported
AppleiPhone 6iOS12Y
AppleiPhone 6 PlusiOS12Y
AppleiPhone 6SiOS14Y
AppleiPhone 6S Plus
AppleiPhone 7iOS14Y
AppleiPhone 7 PlusiOS14Y
AppleiPhone 8iOS14Y
AppleiPhone 8 PlusiOS14Y
AppleiPhone 11iOS14Y
AppleiPhone 11 ProiOS14Y
AppleiPhone 11 Pro MaxiOS14Y
AppleiPhone 12 MiniiOS14Y (Face ID)
AppleiPhone 12iOS14Y (Face ID)
AppleiPhone 12 ProiOS14Y (Face ID)
AppleiPhone 12 Pro MaxiOS14Y (Face ID)
AppleiPhone SEiOS14Y
AppleiPhone XiOS14Y
AppleiPhone XRiOS14Y
AppleiPhone XSiOS14Y
AppleiPhone XS MaxiOS14Y
GooglePixel 2Android 11Y
GooglePixel 2 XLAndroid 11Y
GooglePixel 3Android 11Y
GooglePixel 3 XLAndroid 11Y
GooglePixel 4Android 11Y
HTCOne M9Android 7N
HuaweiNexus 6PAndroid 8.1Y
LGG5Android 8Y
LGG7 ThinQAndroid 9Y
LGK20 PlusAndroid 7Y
LGStylus 3Android 7Y
LGV10Android 7Y
LGV20Android 8Y
LGV30Android 9Y
LGV40 Thin QAndroid 9Y
LGV50 Thin QAndroid 9Y
MotorolaMoto G7Android 9Y
MotorolaMoto Z2 ForceAndroid 9Y
MotorolaMoto Z2 PlayAndroid 9Y
MotorolaMoto Z Force DroidAndroid 8Y
MotorolaMoto Z3Android 11Y
One Plus6TAndroid 9Y
One Plus7 ProAndroid 9Y
SamsungGalaxy FoldAndroid 11Y
SamsungGalaxy J7Android 9N
SamsungGalaxy Note 5Android 7Y
SamsungGalaxy Note 8
Android 8Y
SamsungGalaxy Note 9
Android 10Y
SamsungGalaxy Note 10
Android 11Y
SamsungGalaxy Note 10+
Android 11Y
SamsungGalaxy S6
Android 7Y
SamsungGalaxy S6 Edge
Android 7Y
SamsungGalaxy S6 Edge Plus
Android 7Y
SamsungGalaxy S7
Android 8Y
SamsungGalaxy S7 Active
Android 7Y
SamsungGalaxy S7 Edge
Android 8Y
SamsungGalaxy S8
Android 9Y
SamsungGalaxy S8 Plus
Android 9Y
SamsungGalaxy S9
Android 10Y
SamsungGalaxy S9 Plus
Android 10Y
SamsungGalaxy S10
Android 11Y
SamsungGalaxy S10E
Android 11Y
SamsungGalaxy S10+
Android 11Y
SamsungGalaxy S20
Android 11Y


Supported Tablets

ModelScreen Size
Max OS SupportedBiometric Supported
AppleiPad (5th Generation - 2017)9.7"iOS13Y
AppleiPad (6th Generation - 2018)9.7"iOS13Y
AppleiPad (Fall 2017)
AppleiPad Air 2
AppleiPad Air 4
AppleiPad Mini 4
AppleiPad Mini 5
AppleiPad Pro
AppleiPad Pro12.9"iOS13Y
AppleiPad Pro (2018)
GooglePixel C
10.2"Android 8
SamsungGalaxy Tab A
10.5"Android 9


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*iPhone is a trademark of Apple, Inc.; Android and Google are trademarks of Google LLC