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Savings Calculators

Calculators for Smarter Savings

Getting started is often the hardest part of saving for the future. These calculators can help you make a plan to start saving or take your savings to the next level.

The Impact of Saving More

Saving a little more now means having more in the future. See the difference when you change your saving habits.

How Much More Will I Have If I Change My Saving Plan?

More Calculators for Savings Strategies

The Power of Compound Interest

In the short-term, interest does not seem like a lot. But over time, it can add up. Learn how different types of compound interest can affect how much your savings can grow.

How Much Will Compound Interest Grow My Savings?

Saving for College

Due to the cost of higher education, planning for college is essential. Calculate where you are with your plan and how much more you need to save before setting foot on campus.

How Much Do I Need to Save for College?

Save to be a Millionaire

A million looks like an impossible number to see in your bank account. However, with some planning, you too can save to become a millionaire!

How Do I Save to be a Millionaire?

Value of Savings Over Time

The value of your savings change over time. See how factors like taxable savings, the rate of return on other savings and other account information can affect your projected worth.

What Will My Savings Be Worth?

Saving Towards a Goal

Saving for a vacation? Or maybe just a widescreen TV? A savings plan can get you on the right track! Create a savings plan to hit your goal on time.

How Should I Save to Meet My Goal?

Comparing Two CDs

Considering between two different certificates of deposit (CDs)? Compare their differences to help you decide which one best suits you.

How Will Different CDs Affect Me?

Rainy Day Calculator

Surprise expenses happen. Learn how you can build a rainy day fund and break it down for planned savings, essential spending, and emergency spending.

How Do I Save For a Rainy Day Fund?