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Auto Calculators

A Suite of Calculators to Help with Auto Financing Decisions

Calculate the Auto Option Best for You

Looking to purchase a car? Shopping for a vehicle can be challenging when there are so many options and competing offers. InTouch Credit Union is pleased to offer you a variety of free auto calculators to help you test out options, clarify your bargaining position, and make better-informed choices between vehicles. For additional feedback, we invite you to visit one of our branches or reach out to our Contact Center team.

Buy or Lease a Car

Does it make more sense to buy or to lease a new car? This calculator will help you compare the monthly payments between these two options, so you can choose the right decision for your needs and situation.

Should I Buy or Lease?

Additional Auto Calculators

Auto Loan Payment Schedule

What does paying off an auto loan look like? This calculator will not only show you your monthly payments but also how they go towards paying off your interest and principal over the loan term.

What is My Auto Loan Schedule?

Comparing Monthly Payments by Loan Term

Different auto loan terms means changes in your monthly payment amount and how much interest you pay. This tool will help you see how different auto loan terms impact your monthly payments.

How Will Different Auto Loan Terms Impact Me?

Vehicle Affordability by Loan Term

Choose your next vehicle with confidence by knowing what your auto loan can cover. Use this calculator to help you determine what car fits your auto loan plan.

How Much Can My Auto Loan Cover by Loan Term?

Comparing Two Auto Loans

Considering auto loans from two different institutions? Compare their differences to help you determine which one best suits your needs.

How Will Different Auto Loans Affect Me?

Low Interest Rate or Cash Back

Car dealerships often make dual offers: a low interest rate or a cash rebate. Which should you choose? Compare the effect of each and determine which option makes the most financial sense to you.

Is a Low Interest Rate or a Cash Rebate Better?

Gas Savings with a Fuel-Efficient Vehicle

One of the great benefits of fuel-efficient vehicles is how much you save in gas! Calculate how much you can save per month with a fuel-efficient vehicle over a less efficient vehicle.

How Much Gas Money Can I Save Each Month?

Shop with a Pre-Approved Auto Loan

A great way to shop for a new or used vehicle is to already have a pre-approved loan in hand. In doing so, you can better gauge your monthly payment amount and take advantage of dealer incentives available to those who don't use dealer financing. 

Get Pre-Approved Today!

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