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Auto Calculators

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A Suite of Calculators to Help with Auto Financing Decisions

Calculate the Auto Option Best for You

Shopping for a vehicle can be challenging when there are many options, many competing offers, and even the question of whether to buy at all. InTouch Credit Union is pleased to offer our members a variety of free auto calculators. Use them to test out options, clarify your bargaining position, or even to make better-informed choices between vehicles. While the calculators cannot calculate every specific of every sale, you do get a good estimate for the information you put in. For additional feedback, we invite you to visit one of our branches, or contact our Member Care team.

Purchase or Lease a Vehicle

A perennial question since the advent of dealer car leasing has been whether it is more economically sound to buy or to lease a new car. This calculator helps you to compare the relative advantages of each, side by side.

Purchase or Lease Comparison Calculator

Additional Auto Calculators

Calculate Car Payment

Shopping for a car is much less stressful if you know what your potential monthly payment would be. Using a car payment calculator can show you an estimated monthly auto loan payment based on loan amount and rate.

Monthly Payment Calculator

Compare Monthly Payment by Term

With the offered term of auto loans growing far beyond the traditional 3-4 years, you may wonder what the long-term effect of taking one of the longer loans will be. How much can you expect to pay in interest over the life of a car loan?

Monthly Payment Calculator

Vehicle Affordability by Loan Term

When you are deciding to buy a car, so many factors come into play! Our Vehicle Affordability calculator lets you enter a wide variety of information to help you estimate whether your plan is as affordable as you would like.

Vehicle Affordability Calculator

Compare Two Vehicle Loans

If you have the option of taking a vehicle loan from two different institutions (or a dealership), this calculator can be a valuable resource. You can compare the two loan options to help you to determine which is the best one for your needs.

Loan Comparison Calculator

Low Rate or Cash Back?

Car dealerships often make dual offers: Low interest rate on your choice of vehicle, or a cash rebate that reduces the base price of the vehicle. Which should you choose? This calculator helps you to see the net effect of each option, so you can choose the one that works for you.

Dealer Options Calculator

Gas Mileage Savings with a Fuel-efficient Vehicle

One of the great benefits of fuel-efficient vehicles is how much you save in gasoline! Check out this calculator to see how much a fuel-efficient vehicle saves you over a less efficient vehicle. It even graphs the fuel savings for you!

Fuel Efficiency Calculator

Shop with a Pre-Approved Auto Loan

The best way to shop for any large purchase, whether for a car or a home, is to already have a pre-approved loan in hand. Apply online or at one of our branches today.

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