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  • Choosing the Right Credit Card

    by Alex Schitter | Jul 20, 2017
    Having plenty of choices is great. But too many choices can make your head spin. If you’re shopping for a credit card, you feel overwhelmed.
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  • Regrets, Had a Few

    by Alex Schitter | Jun 01, 2017
    Most U.S. adults have financial regrets, and most common is not saving for retirement early enough, a new survey from Bankrate finds.
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  • Rainy Day Fund

    by Alex Schitter | Apr 05, 2017
    April showers bring May flowers, but rainy days can bring big financial headaches.
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  • Security Awareness for Taxpayers

    by Alex Schitter | Mar 14, 2017
    By taking a few simple steps, you can better protect your personal and financial data online and at home.
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  • Spring Cleaning Your Money

    by Alex Schitter | Mar 01, 2017
    Organize, simplify and tie up loose ends, to make sure your money will be working as hard as you are in the months ahead.
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  • Tax Season Scams

    by Alex Schitter | Feb 15, 2017
    It’s that time of year — tax time. It’s also a great time to get up to speed on tax-related scams. Here are two ways tax scammers might target you and what you can do about it:
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  • The “$20 Rule” – and How to Control Credit Card Debt

    by Alex Schitter | Jan 24, 2017
    A lot of the advice you get about how to manage credit card debt is simple common sense: pay off your bills in full each month; don’t finance big-ticket items at high interest, etc. Some of the advice is a bit strange: freeze your credit cards in ice; melt only for emergencies. Sometimes we hear something new, and practical.
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  • 5 Financial Resolutions for the New Year

    by Alex Schitter | Dec 28, 2016
    A brand new year provides the perfect opportunity to make meaningful life changes, including improved financial wellness. These five financial resolutions can help get your year off to a promising start.
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  • Avoiding Holiday Scams

    by Alex Schitter | Dec 13, 2016
    Avoid holiday scams with three tips from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC):
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  • Saving at Thanksgiving

    by Alex Schitter | Nov 17, 2016
    Thanksgiving is a time to gather with loved ones for a satisfying meal and kick off the holiday season. If you pay current prices for your menu items, though, you could blow a chunk of your holiday budget before you even get to the pumpkin pie.
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