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  • 5 Financial Resolutions for the New Year

    by Alex Schitter | Dec 28, 2016
    A brand new year provides the perfect opportunity to make meaningful life changes, including improved financial wellness. These five financial resolutions can help get your year off to a promising start.
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  • Avoiding Holiday Scams

    by Alex Schitter | Dec 13, 2016
    Avoid holiday scams with three tips from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC):
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  • Saving at Thanksgiving

    by Alex Schitter | Nov 17, 2016
    Thanksgiving is a time to gather with loved ones for a satisfying meal and kick off the holiday season. If you pay current prices for your menu items, though, you could blow a chunk of your holiday budget before you even get to the pumpkin pie.
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  • Stolen Identities

    by Alex Schitter | Oct 25, 2016
    Bankrate recently found that 41 million U.S. adults have had their identities stolen, and another 49 million know someone who has been affected.
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  • Retirement IQ

    by Alex Schitter | Oct 20, 2016
    It’s no secret that we have a crisis in the U.S. regarding retirement. The crisis is that so few older people have the funds to retire.
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  • Cyber Security Tips

    by User Not Found | Oct 12, 2016
    October is national cyber security awareness month. The Department of Homeland Security and participating agencies are identifying useful tips with the hashtag #CyberAware
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  • Financial Security

    by User Not Found | Sep 19, 2016
    Americans are feeling financially vulnerable and it likely starts with the absence of a comprehensive perspective on their finances, finds a new study from Northwestern Mutual. But there is hope, and you’ll find it at your local credit union.
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  • Work In Retirement

    by User Not Found | Sep 15, 2016
    Remember when retirement was a defined event in nearly every American’s life? It meant an end to the work life, and a greater opportunity for leisure, hobbies and family visits. Those were the days.
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  • Saving for Retirement

    by User Not Found | Aug 19, 2016
    The number of Americans who say they are saving more for retirement in the current year vs the previous one is at the highest level in five years, according to a new survey from Bankrate.
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  • Financial Steps to Take Before Buying a Car

    by User Not Found | Aug 15, 2016
    Think about the effort it takes to search for the right new car and to negotiate the lowest price.
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