Ready to Rumble!

Those three words always seems to precede great anticipation and excitement of upcoming events. Starting this spring and repeating itself throughout the summer months, InTouch Credit Union (ITCU) is celebrating, and launching, exciting events that will introduce you to several new products and services that will likely change the way you think about banking and the value proposition that ITCU delivers.

First and foremost, ITCU is celebrating its 50th year as a credit union.  We merged-in a handful of other credit unions with older start dates, but the foundations of this Credit Union, formerly known as EDS Employees Federal Credit Union, began in 1974. Despite the rise and acquisition of EDS, the tragedy of 9/11, the Great Recession, COVID-19, and the massively fast interest spike that began in the fall of 2022, we are still here! We have a celebration planned at our April 2024 Annual Members Meeting, but we’ve already started to give away prizes, uChoose Rewards® points, and other benefits to mark the occasion. We’ll also have celebration events in our two other regional headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, and in Auburn Hills, Michigan. You should try to join us if you can, but space will be limited.

Following the celebrations, we plan to upgrade our online and mobile banking platforms to the most secure, easiest to use version we’ve offered to date. Not only are the new platforms aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but they deliver the most intuitive way of banking we’ve ever offered. We think you’ll love the change, so stay abreast for more information and announcements to follow in the coming days and weeks.

This summer, we’ll launch the most robust financial literacy platform in the market today. The platform delivers awesome educational benefits through a fun social media type of experience for kids and adults of all ages. More importantly, the platform will specially provide a level of parental control and oversight not offered today: The ability to reward for education module completion, turn on/off debit card access based on standards you decide, and provide real-time financial literacy experiences to prepare for “financial adulting” like no other banking tool. We will combine this offering with a newly designed website that focuses on your interests and our existing offerings of Silvur (our Social Security and Medicare education platform), Innovate! (our budgeting and credit score improvement platform), and InTouie (ITCU’s 24/7 chat virtual assistant). Together, all of these initiatives will provide you with the most resources we have ever offered to help improve your financial well-being and achieve your goals.

Lastly, we are pleased to announce that ITCU’s Wealth Management partner is now part of LPL Financial (a Fortune 500 Company and the #1 Independent Broker Dealer in the United States as reported by Financial Planning Magazine). Their investment platform, research, and dedicated investment advisors will ensure ITCU members receive top-notch advice and service.

Now that the newness of 2024 has started to wear off, let’s get ready to experience excitement and success like never before.