If there is one enduring theme for every survey asking what adults think kids need to know before graduating from high school, it is this: teens need to understand how to handle money.

A checking account designed just for them is an ideal financial tool to begin the process of teaching this most valuable life lesson through experience. While a checking account may seem woefully outdated in times of e-wallets, mobile payment services, and cryptocurrency, there is no substitute for the basic lesson that you should only spend what you have can teach.

Preparing Your Teen for the Future with a Checking Account Today

The truth is today’s checking accounts are more flexible than ever. Far from strictly paper-based checking, Geared Up! teen checking accounts offer a debit card. A debit card can teach teens to spend only what they have because it immediately withdraws money from their checking account. You cannot spend more than what you have because you cannot take out credit. Overspending with credit cards can teach bad habits that can lead to spiraling debt. Therefore, it’s better to start teens off with a debit card to instill good spending habits. Essentially, checking accounts that are linked to a debit card gives teens a taste of financial independence, but with “guardrails.”

Get Your Teen Geared Up!

You can open a checking account for your teen ages 13 – 17 at InTouch. Open with as little as $5 for an account that includes a debit card and online access for learning important money management skills.

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Paper Checks Are Still Necessary but Debit Cards Rule

While many merchants are moving away from paper checks, they remain a staple of payment in the American financial system. Some government institutions require that items be paid by check through the mail, and many school-related bills request check payment. This has dropped off in recent years, but it is important to have the option without having to go to a merchant or post office for a money order.

Help Your Teen Prepare for the Future

A checking account made specifically for teenagers may seem anachronistic, but it brings together the past and future of money, while encouraging kids to spend responsibly. They get a taste of financial freedom but with “guardrails.” Check out the specialized Geared Up! teen account at InTouch Credit Union. We want our members to have the best start on your financial journey through life.

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