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Mortgage Calculators

A Group of Calculators to Help with Real Estate Financing Decisions

The Mortgage Calculators below offer a great opportunity to test the waters with a variety of the most-asked questions about mortgages. You can use what you know to generate specific estimates, not just general guesses, to help you test ideas, plan, and make informed decisions.

Whether you are questioning the baseline affordability of a home or considering the type of mortgage that is best for your budget, InTouch Credit Union wants you to be able to start the process with the information and knowledge needed to make educated decisions. 

Calculate a Mortgage Payment

Mortgage payments are more than the purchase price divided by the term. This calculator helps you to see the impact of the most common elements of a purchase, along with a graphic display that shows how your principal and interest break out over time.

Mortgage Payment Calculator

More Home Financing Calculators

Rent or Buy?

This calculator helps you compare the costs of renting to the common expenses of owning a home.

Rent or Buy Calculator

Proceeds from Sale of a Home

The anticipated sale price of your home is just the starting number. You will find a good sample of potential costs related to the sale to factor into your planning in this calculator.

Proceeds from a Sale Calculator

Home Affordability

Understanding the ratios that can limit your purchasing power for a new home can help you see what “affordable” really means. This calculator’s graphics are useful for understanding the impacts of the ratios on affordability.

Home Affordability Calculator

Compare Two Mortgage Loans

Because mortgages can come with many options, it helps to be able to make a side-by-side comparison. This calculator helps you see the estimated effect that those options have on both up-front costs and your long-term payoff.

Mortgage Comparison Calculator

Adjustable Rate Mortgage Analyzer

While adjustable rate mortgages can be a good deal, it depends on the terms of the loan and how interest rates perform over time. This calculator helps you see how the terms of an ARM, and the anticipated future direction of interest rates, change your potential total payment over time.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Refinance Calculator

When interest rates take a dip, the temptation to refinance your mortgage is real. Use this calculator to factor in the costs of refinancing over the life of your mortgage and estimate the break-even point.

Mortgage Refinance Calculator

Compare a Bi-Weekly Mortgage to a Monthly Mortgage

Making bi-weekly payments on your mortgage effectively adds a monthly payment every year, shaving time and interest off your mortgage. But before you leap into this option, test the waters to see if a different payment schedule fits better into your budget.

Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payment Calculator

Debt-to-Income Calculator

If you want to know whether a mortgage will fit your income, the number you are seeking first is your debt-to-income ratio. Knowing what part of your income is already spoken for by debt, or what effect a mortgage will have on your gross income, can help you decide if this investment is a sound one.

Debt-to-Income Calculator

You Don’t Have to Make Your Decisions Alone

A home is typically the biggest purchase we ever make in our lives. Having reliable information to do that makes all the difference to going forward confidently. Because these mortgage calculator estimates cannot answer every question or anticipate everyone’s financial needs, your trusted financial partners at InTouch Credit Union are here to help.

If you have further questions, or need more information, we invite you to work with one of our professional mortgage loan officers. These home financing experts can help answer your questions and provide personalized estimates.

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