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Car Payment Calculator

Know Your Monthly Vehicle Payment Before You Buy

Taking a minute or less to calculate your potential monthly car payment can clarify a vehicle’s affordability or help you to decide how you want to set up your loan. When you go to a dealership, they often ask you how much you want to pay per month. There are several important numbers that go into determining a loan amount and its monthly payment. Using tools like this auto loan calculator can help you see that you have options to change not only the total loan amount, but also the loan term and your interest rate. This gives you negotiating power.

Use the sliders to match your situation or enter the dollar amounts manually. You only need basic new vehicle, trade-in, and loan information. Below, you will see an estimate of your monthly loan payment, plus a graph that helps you to see the balance between interest and principal over the term of your loan. Roll your cursor over the graph to see specific amounts.

While not all fees and charges are included in these estimates, you can get a pretty fair idea of the monthly expense of a particular auto loan.

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