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Financial Calculators

A Library of Calculators to Help You Plan


InTouch offers a full library of calculators to answer questions simple and complex. Explore the categories below to get the full benefit of these useful calculators.

Auto Buying Calculators

Estimate your monthly payment, compare leasing to purchasing, and more helpful calculators for your next vehicle purchase.

See Auto Calculators

Home Financing Calculators

Calculate a mortgage payment, compare two mortgage options, see how much refinancing could save you and more.

See Home Financing Calculators

Savings Calculators

A set of calculators to help you see the impact of saving, comparing investment options, how long it will take to reach a goal and more.

See Savings Calculators

Retirement Calculators

Planning for retirement is easier when you can see how long your savings will last, estimate your Social Security benefits and more.

See Retirement Calculators

Debt Calculators

Debt consolidation, bi-weekly payments and payoff calculators are just some of the useful calculators offered here to help manage debt.

See Debt Calculators

(Calculators are designed for independent use only; each user’s and/or member’s financial situation will not necessarily be accurate to the calculations applied. For additional feedback, we invite you to visit one of our branches, or reach out to our Contact Center team.)

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