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InCompass powered by Intouch credit Union Federally Insured by NCUA

InCompass, our Personal Financial Management (PFM) tool, available through Online Banking, encompasses the tools needed for financial planning and budgeting to help guide you down the path to financial wellness. InCompass is an included service for Prime and Momentum Checking account holders. For all other checking account types, for just a small monthly fee1, you can begin to take control of your money – today!


  • Bring in accounts from outside of ITCU. They are categorized as Cash, Credit Cards, Debts or Investments.
  • Include or exclude whatever accounts you’d like in the Dashboard or Expense widget, hide the one’s you don’t want included such as Children’s accounts, Business accounts, etc.


  • Transaction editor is streamlined and optimized for clarity
  • The tagging system intelligently categorizes transactions
  • Split-tagging system provides you to allocate transactions towards multiple tags
  • Additional account information will be shown on an as-available basis (available balance, payment due dates, minimum payment amounts, etc.)
  • Monitor by account type, debit or credit transactions, etc.
  • Export your PFM transactions via CSV file. Have all your transactions in a printable format to review outside the PFM app.


  • Layout provides a concise view of budget progress
  • Ability to add alerts while creating new spending targets
  • “Monthly progress” meters let you see if you’re outpacing your budget for the month with colorful indicators
  • See how much money is available after your bills are paid and goals are met


  • Agenda view allows you to see upcoming income and bill items in a linear format
  • Clearer labels make it easier to see upcoming income/bill amounts


  • See how much money is available for goals after your bills and budgets are taken into consideration

Net worth

  • Provides a graphical overview of your asset and debt breakdown
  • Ability to add custom asset and debt items (e.g. house, car, non-aggregated loans)
InCompass FAQ

View the InCompass Terms and Conditions

1 See Retail Fee Schedule for the current InCompass monthly service fee. This fee is waived for Prime and Momentum Checking account holders.