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The Arrival Guide

A Guide to Helping Young People Succeed.

You’re here, but have you arrived? Many young adults think that question daily. Whether you are just finishing high school or are on your way from a graduate program into marriage and a new family, The Arrival Guide and InTouch Credit Union are here to help you get ready for 'adulting' and the next phase of your life.

The Arrival Guide features blog posts written to help students and young adults find success in both life and finance. With helpful tips and information on everything from college to job hunting to bargain hunting, The Arrival Guide offers resources which can help this group jump-start their lives and assure them that they have indeed 'arrived.' 

  • Your First Auto Loan

    Is it time to trade in that set of wheels you inherited from your older sibling? Or do you need a reliable new car for your job?
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  • Student Loans: The Great Pay-Off

    If you’re a recent college grad, student loan debt is likely a significant piece of your overall financial picture. The average student loan debt for 2017 graduates is $39,400 -- a serious chunk of change for anyone with an entry level job.
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  • Paying Off Credit Card Debt

    Are you having trouble staying on top of payments to multiple credit card accounts? Are interest payments eating up too much of your income each month? If so, make a plan to pay off your debt.
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  • Let's Talk Taxes (and Earnings)

    You just got your paycheck. Your eyes scan down the list of deductions and settle on the most important part—your take-home pay.
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  • Hashing It Out, For Love and Money

    Valentine’s Day is near, and romance is in the air. It’s a great time to think about money.
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  • Five Credit Score Facts

    Your credit score is more than a tool for lenders – it’s an important part of your financial picture.
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  • End of Year Money Tips

    It’s almost time to ring out the old and ring in the new! As 2017 comes to a close, take some time over the holiday break to shore up your money for a great 2018.
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  • Three Job Interview Mindsets

    It’s the night before the interview. Your outfit is all laid out, your resumé is hot off the press and you’ve Google-Mapped your route. You’ve done your company research and you’ve practiced answering the tough questions. You are perfectly prepared—and you still feel like a nervous wreck.
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  • Your Family Money Mindset

    If you’re heading home for the holidays, here’s a little homework assignment. Pay attention to your parents’ and family members’ mindset about money, and consider how that affects the way you manage your money today.
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  • Are Checks Obsolete?

    Checks hold an odd place in our personal finances. In many ways, checks seem like relics from a previous era.
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