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More ITCU, No MO or FOMO!

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Are You MO (Missing Out)?
Have FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)?

If you're already a member of InTouch but haven't been getting information about the list below, you've been missing out (MO)!

If you're not a member yet and it really bothers you when a friend or neighbor mentions yet another great financial deal they got and you missed out (the struggle is real) - we can help you, too! Let's remove the fear or missing out (FOMO) from your financial life!

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What Important Information, Deals or Offers Have I Missed?

  • Texas Legends Member Appreciation Night events - discounted tickets to G-League basketball games!
  • Multiple ITCU Quick Strike® certificates offers – including a 7- or 9-month term at 5.15% APY and a 4-month term at 5.25% APY! Super great rates for shorter terms so your money remains more liquid!
  • KOFE Webinar – you would have learned some timely Income Tax "Hacks"!
  • MFM Homebuying Webinar – great information for new or first-time home buyers!
  • Silvur Webinar – for folks age 50+, this was all about making the right retirement decisions!
  • New Digital Banking with new bells and whistles, Video Banking, cash rebates on auto loans, InTouie and more!

Don’t miss out if you’re already a member and not getting information about these offers ('cause there will be more!). Contact us online or at (800) 337-3328 to make sure we have the correct contact information for you or update your topic preferences here. And, if you're not already a member, we want you to be and never have FOMO again!

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