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Home Equity Line of Credit

A Flexible and Powerful Way to Tap Into Your Home’s Equity.

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InTouch Credit Union offers Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)1 in all 50 states. A HELOC allows you to borrow on the equity in your home, like a home equity loan; however it operates as a variable rate line of credit secured by your residence.2

A Home Equity Line of Credit from ITCU offers you the opportunity to spend just what you need, just when you need it. Your available line of credit is set, but you only use what you need. That way, you decide both how much and when you need to draw.3 Interest is only compounded on the amount you have drawn.

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You can use the funds for debt consolidation, education, purchase of an automobile, home remodeling, vacation, or almost anything you need. Some projects require more flexibility than others. A HELOC from ITCU is a handy resource to have. Your specified line of credit stays open while you make important decisions.

  • A Home Equity Line of Credit from ITCU gives you flexibility.
  • You can make interest-only payments for five years.
  • The interest is tax-deductible in most cases.4
  • You could refinance your current Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit from another institution at a competitive rate.

Let the equity you have in your home work for you. Build your next projects on the success you have already accumulated.

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HELOCs Are a Great Solution in Many Situations

Getting Ready to Apply for a Home Equity Line of Credit

Get it done in three short steps!

  1. Calculate the equity you have in your home, using our handy Mortgage Calculators.
  2. Determine whether you prefer a Home Equity Loan or Home Equity Line of Credit.
  3. Get an application started through one of the options below.

1 All HELOC annual percentage rates, regardless of state residence are variable, based on the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate, “the Index”, published in the Money Rates section, plus a stated margin. Check rates for current Index. The APR may change on the first day of each calendar quarter, January, April, July, and October. Changes in APR can only occur if “the Index” has changed since the last rate change. The minimum is 4.00% and the maximum is 18.00%. APR is Annual Percentage Rate.

2 Contact a Credit Union representative for information regarding fees. 

3 Terms and Conditions for all HELOCs are as follows: 1. The minimum line amount is $7500. 2. The draw period is five (5) years in length. The draw period cannot be extended, but a member may apply for a new HELOC and pay off their existing HELOC during the initial period to, in essence, extend the draw period. 3. The draw period is an interest only payment period. Reduction of principal is not required. 4. The repayment period may be either 5, 10, 15 years in length and the minimum payment amount is $60.00. 5. A single property can be secured by either a HELOC or a home equity loan, not both. Terms and conditions that are different between Texas and all other states HELOC types are: Texas HELOC 1. May borrow up to 80% of the value of home minus existing mortgages. 2. Each draw (advance) must be at least $4000, the minimum per Texas statute. 3. Advances may be completed through the loan processors by phone, in person or by written request. All Other States 1. May borrow up to 90% of the value of their home, minus existing mortgages. 2. Each draw (advance) must be at least $100. 3. Advances may be completed through Online Banking, MONEYLINE, or through the loan processors by phone, in person, or by written request.

4 Consult your tax adviser regarding deductibility of interest.