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Money Fund

The More You Save, the More You Earn

The Money Fund Account offers increased dividends like a certificate, but with more flexibility and access. Your money does not have to be tied up for months to work for you. It will be accessible by check and debit card, so, your money becomes both hard working and available to you. You can access your Money Fund account for up to 6 fee-free withdrawals per month, while up to three of those transactions may be made by check. 

A Money Market Account That Rewards You for Saving More

ITCU makes it even easier to reach your financial goals with a tiered account framework. Each tier raises your earning potential based on the balance you maintain. With a minimum $100.00 deposit, you can open a Money Fund Account.

If your balance remains above $2,500.00, you can avoid service fees. Seven balance tiers mean that the more you save, from a minimum balance to over $1,000,000.00, the more you earn. Check out the rates today to see what your money could be doing for you.

When you have worked to save, your savings should return the favor. With an InTouch Credit Union Money Fund Account, your investment is secured, you earn enhanced rates, and your funds are available when you need them. 

Money Fund FAQ

Q: Are there penalties for withdrawing from a Money Fund account?

A: There is a service fee if you exceed your six free withdrawals a month. Like a savings account, your Money Fund account is subject to Reg D limits of six withdrawals per month, and no more than three can be by check.

Q. What is the monthly fee?

A: A monthly service fee of $25.00 is assessed any month a balance of $2,500.00 is not maintained.

Q: Can I access my Money Fund account online?

A: Yes, your Money Fund account can be accessed using InTouch’s Online Banking, just like a checking or savings account.

Start Earning More on Your Savings