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Holiday Club Savings

The Holiday Club Savings account is designed to help you save all year-round and reach your holiday savings goal by November of each year. Holiday saving is not always an easy task but is always a rewarding one.

With the Holiday Club Savings account, you are allowed to make regular deposits/transfers in the branch or automatic deposits/transfers, but cannot make early withdrawals without penalty. *

Your total account balance will automatically transfer to your savings account on October 31 of each year. Your account doesn’t have to be reopened every year; all deposits made on or after November 1 will go into the next year’s Holiday Club Savings.

The account is available to open for as little as $10. See our Deposit Rates for the current Holiday Club Savings Annual Percentage Yield.

To set up an account, start a direct deposit or start an automatic transfer, please call Member Care at (800) 337-3328, option 5 for assistance.

See Fee Schedule for fee and related disclosures. No partial withdrawals. Prior to October 31, Holiday Club withdrawals must be made for the full account balance, a fee may be imposed for early withdrawal. If withdrawn early, further deposits cannot be made into the account until November 1.