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Youth / Young Adult Checking and Savings

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Chip's Kids Club: Accounts for Our Youngest Savers

Children can learn very early that saving money is a powerful way to earn real-life rewards. Chip’s Kids Club helps that process by providing small incentives that kids can see adding up, along with their savings.

  • Savings accounts for kids ages 0 through 12
  • Accounts can be opened* with as little as a $5 initial deposit.
  • Dividends, of a higher amount than a regular Savings Account, are paid starting at $5 or more.
  • Receive a special Chip gift and a Chip’s Kids Club Membership Card at account opening.
  • Open a Certificate Account with as little as $250 and receive higher than average yields.

Get Your Little Ones Started on a Great Path

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*Please note that children under the age of 13 may neither apply for an account nor provide personal information online in accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. A parent or guardian must contact the Credit Union for these actions. Thank you.

Geared Up! Accounts for Teens

Teenagers make a lot of plans and want some independence to put them in motion. Geared Up!, the InTouch Credit Union account built just for the teenage years, helps them to see what it takes to make their money grow to meet their goals. Whether they are saving for that first car, planning a special trip, or saving hard for college, the benefits of Geared Up! give incentives to manage their money well.

Teens ages 13-17 will enjoy many benefits of belonging to Geared Up! The benefits begin with higher rate certificates, checking and savings accounts.

  • Savings and Checking accounts for Teens ages 13-17
  • Accounts may be opened with a $5 initial deposit.
  • Dividends, at a higher rate than a regular savings account, are paid starting at $5 or more.
  • No minimum deposit to open a checking account, no check clearing fees.
  • Open a Certificate Account with as little as $250 and receive higher than average dividends.
  • Debit card issued with checking accounts for 24/7 access.

Get Your Teens Started With the Benefits of Their Own Accounts

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On My Own: Accounts for Young Adults

Striking out on your own can be a challenge. InTouch Credit Union offers the On My Own accounts to make the financial side of things work to your advantage. With incentives specially designed to make your money go farther, and information to help you with astute money management, you can make your mark your way.

Young Adults ages 18-24 benefit from a membership in On My Own with special programs designed to help with the passage into adulthood. Advantages start with a higher interest rate certificate to build for the future, and specialized checking and savings programs. These advantageous rates and fee schedules are designed to provide you with financial momentum.

  • Savings and Checking accounts for young adults ages 18-24.
  • Accounts can be opened with as little as $5.
  • Dividends, at a higher rate than a regular savings account, are paid on a balance of $5 or more.
  • No minimum balance or monthly service fees* on checking accounts.
  • Debit card issued when a checking account is opened.
  • Certificates can be opened with just $250 or more and receive a higher rate than regular CDs.

Establish Your Independence Financially

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*Other fees, such as Courtesy Pay, may apply - see Fee Schedule for details.

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