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Corner Office Articles

  • Corner Office - July 2017

    Jul 03, 2017
    Now that the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates for the third time since the presidential election, many are starting to wonder what these actions may mean for their financial future.
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  • Corner Office - April / May / June 2017

    Apr 03, 2017
    Authentic is a word not frequently used in everyday conversation, especially in today’s world where it seems like everything is sampled or plagiarized from something else.
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  • Corner Office - March 2017

    Mar 16, 2017
    The continual improvement in the U.S. economy was the foundation for the Federal Reserve’s recent announcement increasing short-term interest rates.
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  • Corner Office - January / February 2017

    Jan 01, 2017
    For most people and organizations, January 1 represents the start of a new year brimming with hopeful enthusiasm about what the year has in store.
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  • Corner Office - December 2016

    Dec 13, 2016
    In addition to the historical reasons for the holiday season, this time of year also serves as a reminder to all that we share the same Earth and are members of the same “human” community.
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  • Corner Office - September 2016

    Sep 07, 2016
    Each September, as the year starts to transition from the “dog days of summer” to the anticipation that accompanies the season’s rituals of football, falling leaves, and Halloween.
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  • Corner Office - July 2016

    Jul 07, 2016
    Summertime is most often associated with fun, rest, relaxation, exploration, vacations, and work (yes, I had to include the dreaded “w” word).
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  • Corner Office - June 2016

    Jun 07, 2016
    Are you Making A Difference (MAD)? Virtually all of us are blessed with opportunities to make a positive difference in the lives of others.
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  • Corner Office - April 2016

    Apr 07, 2016
    The best part about the arrival of spring, especially after a long cold winter, is the rebirth it helps represent.
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  • Corner Office - March 2016

    Mar 07, 2016
    A noted political pundit recently stated credit unions are in the “American Dream” business. He could not have been more correct.
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