What You Don't Know About Credit Cards
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What You Don't Know About Credit Cards

Young Lady Smiling and Presenting Credit Card Along Orange Shopping Bag

Credit cards are an everyday part of most people’s lives. From making purchases to providing some extra financial cushion, there are lots of positive to appreciate about that little piece of plastic. But beyond the buying power and credit-building advantages that come with responsible credit card use, many credit cards also offer other benefits — including some you may not even know about.


Here are five credit card perks that may surprise you.


Reward Programs


Many credit cards offer rewards to their cardholders. These can include perks like cashback for purchases, discounts on services, charitable donations and so much more. These benefits can really come in handy when you use your credit card to make large purchases or for daily buying. InTouch Credit Union offers great rewards on its Platinum Rewards Mastercard®.  


Extended Warranties


When you buy items that come with warranties, you can extend those warranties by using certain credit cards. Sometimes, credit cards can even double an original manufacturer's warranty. So if your latest purchase offers a one-year warranty, your card may extend it to two years.  


Price Protection


Some retailers offer a price drop policy, meaning that if the price changes within a certain number of days, you can get the difference returned to you. Some credit cards will honor this policy even if the retailer doesn’t, making buyer’s remorse a thing of the past.


Identity Theft Protection


Having your identity stolen can throw your whole life for a loop. Some credit cards offer additional support to cardholders who find themselves in this unfortunate predicament. InTouch Credit Union offers its cardholders ID Theft Resolution Services to help with the recovery process.


Travel Benefits


On top of using a credit card to book travel and stay on top of your finances while you’re on the road (or in the air), you can also reap additional travel benefits from some credit cards. These include perks like baggage delay insurance to cover expenses incurred from lost or delayed baggage, rental collision coverage, and common carrier travel accident insurance.


Part of the Deal


Most credit card perks come standard with your credit card and rarely require additional fees. Other common perks include free credit analysis, cell phone insurance, cash back and so much more. Check to see if your credit card company offers these rewards so you can take advantage of great deals and benefits.  

InTouch Credit Union offers an extensive rewards program with its credit card, including all the above benefits and more. Find out how you can become a member to take advantage of these special services today.