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Your ITCU team has made a number of resources to assist you with your questions regarding our recent Online Banking conversion.

NOW AVAILABLE - A Better Online Banking Experience!

(Last updated July 19)

InTouch Credit Union has completed our Online Banking (OLB) application conversion. Members will now have access to an intuitive and easy-to-navigate set of online and mobile features, all of which we will outline here.

Please select a section of the FAQ to review the latest information:

After the Conversion


1. Why did ITCU change OLB platforms?

The new Online and Mobile Banking platforms offer a more robust selection of services than our current apps are able to provide. ITCU is committed to continually providing members with access to better services and tools which make banking easier and more convenient.


2. I like the new features but am I still able to see all of my accounts and transaction history?

You will still have access to view all of your accounts and the associated transaction history for each account. (Please note that while payments which were created and paid using the bill pay module will appear in your Checking History, they will not be viewable within the Bill Pay module, itself. Payments created after conversion will be viewable in the Bill Pay module.) You will still be able to transfer funds between your accounts, pay bills (with some very exciting new features), set up alerts and access your eStatement, just like always.


3. Will my account and login information carry over to this new platform? Can I use the same User ID and password?

Your account information and User ID will transition to the new OLB platform without your assistance. However, you will have to create a password for logging into the new OLB system. If your current OLB password meets new system requirements, you can use it to create your password for the new system, too.

(Please note, if you change your password to something different, remember to update any other apps which may auto-log into Online Banking.)


4. I'm a business owner. Will I need to do anything different the first time I sign into the new OLB?

Business users will be prompted to provide a "first name" upon logging into OLB for the first time. In this instance, please type in the first word of your business name in the "First Name" field. (For example, The Chocolate Chip Exchange business would place the word "The" in the "First Name" field.)

5. As a business owner, will I be able to add authorized users within the new OLB?

Yes, this option is available for the main business owner. However, by adding an authorized user to the business membership, you are giving all rights to access, transact business on, and otherwise exercise authority over your account. (ITCU is not liable for any transactions conducted on this account by the account owner and/or authorized users.)

6. What should be entered as Tax ID and DOB for a small business Online Banking account?

The business owner should enter the applicable tax ID for the business account which may be a SSN or TIN. The DOB should be entered for the business owner. Both of these fields are used as further identification for ownership purposes but are not used for reporting interest or dividends.

7. Can I change my password? Or will I ever be required to change my password?

Members can change their password whenever they prefer. However, you will be required to change your password at least every rolling 12 months. Strong passwords are required; specific requirements will be provided during the process for your convenience.

8. I’m a current ITCU member about to sign into the new platform for the first time. What information will I need?

You will need your User ID and SSN (of the primary account holder). Emails were sent to users with good email addresses on file regarding the first login and more specific information about the temporary password; please refer to it if you have questions. Some users may have also received letters which provide login information. Your phone will be used as part of the enrollment process.

9. I joined ITCU after the conversion. When can I enroll?

Enrollment is now available for your account!  See the link at the top of the screen of our home page which says, "Enroll in Online Banking." Please note that the enrollment screen will ask for SSN. If you are a business account that uses a Tax Identification Number, enter that instead of a SSN. 


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10. Do I have access to personal alerts?

Yes. You can set up preferred alerts after logging into the new system.

Screenshot of Alert Options Under Settings in Online Banking


11. What kind of alerts will be available to set up?

There are two types of alerts you have access to: Security alerts and User-defined alerts.

Security alerts are automatically sent to the email address of the primary account owner who uses OLB. These types of alerts are based on transactions that are more prone to fraud, such as:

  • User ID changes;
  • Password changes;
  • Address changes;
  • Email address changes (an alert will be sent to both the new email address, and previous email address on file);
  • Forced set email address changes (an alert is sent when no email address is on file, and an email address update is required); and
  • Small business-related changes, such as new secondary users being added, or secondary user information being edited or deleted.

In addition, Security alerts are issued instantly. Members will be able to specify their preference for alerts to be sent to their email address or texted to a phone number the member provides.

Screenshot of Alert Types Available to Create in Online Banking


12. How are User-defined alerts different?

User-defined alerts are notices that members have the option to subscribe to via Settings once they sign into OLB. These alerts can be issued to an email address, and/or a mobile phone number specified by the member. (Please note mobile numbers must be added and verified before alerts may be used.) These types of alerts are issued in the event of:

  • Account balance thresholds being changed (an alert subscription confirmation will also be sent);
  • Transaction amount thresholds being changed (an alert subscription confirmation will also be sent);
  • Account closed actions (which will also cancel all other User-defined alerts associated with the account in question);
  • When a secure message is received; and
  • When certain Small business-related actions are enacted, such as a Bill Pay approval being required.

Currently, User-defined alerts only occur at 7:00 a.m. (ET) once a day. (ITCU is looking at an alternative to allow a greater frequency for alerts in the future.)


13. Is there a fee associated with using alerts?

There is no fee; however please note standard messaging and data rates may apply for mobile text alerts. (See your mobile carrier or your data plan for more information.)

(**UPDATE**) 14. How do I sign up for alerts on my phone? Do I have to re-enroll to get text alerts?

To set up your mobile device, log into the OLB platform and click into the "mobile" section.

Screenshot of the Mobile Alerts Process in OLB

Screenshot of the Mobile Alerts Process in OLB and how to Manage Mobile Devices

Screenshot of the Mobile Alerts Process in OLB: How to Download the App

Then, to select the alert(s):

Screenshot of the Mobile Alerts Process in OLB and where the Settings Are

Screenshot of the Mobile Alerts Process in OLB: Secuirty and Alerts Section

Screenshot of the Mobile Alerts Process in OLB and how to Select an Alert Type Screenshot of the Mobile Alerts Process in OLB and what Type of Alerts there Are Once the Alert Type and associated criteria are set, check the box to make sure the alert goes to your mobile device:

Screenshot of the Mobile Alerts Process in OLB and how to Finalize

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Bill Pay


15. Did my Bill Pay vendor list transfer to the new OLB system?

Payees have transferred to the new system. Later this summer, for business accounts that request to be converted to business Bill Pay, payees (merchants) will not be transferred, so you'll want to print or make note of them before that conversion in order that you have the list to set up again after conversion.

16. Were existing payments converted to the new OLB system?

Yes. Existing payments were converted.

17. Are there any notable changes in how I set up a bill payment through the Bill Pay platform?

Yes; one significant change is that you will now be able to set up payments for a future date and the payment will be sent, even if funds are not yet in the designated checking account from which the payment will clear. This will allow you to set up a future payment immediately, rather than wait until funds are deposited into the account.

However, you will need to ensure funds are available when the payment clears your checking account. Please note that your "Available Balance," displayed in OLB, will not reflect any pending payments. (A returned/rejected payment will result in an NSF fee.)

18. How do I enroll in Bill Pay?

When you sign into OLB, click on “Pay Bills” on the blue menu bar and proceed from there. (A checking account is required in order to use Bill Pay.)

Screenshot of Pay Bills Steps 1, 2 and 3 Overview


19. Can I enroll in Bill Pay through Mobile Banking?

Yes; Bill Pay enrollment may be completed from a desktop or mobile device.


20. I have more than one checking account set up in Bill Pay. How does the system know which account to take a payment from?

If you have more than one checking account and wish to have payments made from a different checking account, you will need to open the drop-down of accounts available and select the preferred account for a new payment transaction.


21. Have any new Bill Pay functions been added?

Bill Pay now allows members the ability to view bills electronically for merchant relationships that offer electronic presentment.

For Consumer Bill Pay only (not available in business Bill Pay), if a situation arises where you will potentially be late paying a bill, you may be able to elect “Rush Delivery” (not available for all merchants).

Rush Delivery options can include same-business day or next-business day payment, depending on the merchant’s ability to accept either payment option (fees apply; see Miscellaneous for additional details).

You can also set up multiple payments to the same vendor without having to add the merchant twice.

For Business accounts, functionality is available that allows owners to establish authority roles for purposes of giving employees the ability to enter invoices into the system. (The owner, however, can retain the authority to approve and release any payments.)

Screenshot of Pay Bills Utilities and Phone Payment Options


22. Why did OLB time out while I was still using the Bill Pay module?

The Bill Pay module is a separate app within OLB. So, even though you must log in to OLB to use Bill Pay, it does not count as activity within OLB to keep the session active. After 10 minutes of inactivity, the OLB session will time out, even if you are still using the Bill Pay module.


23. Are there time cutoffs for Same-Business Day or Next-Business Day processing?

Yes. The same-business day cutoff is 10:00 a.m. (ET). (Please note some larger companies accept same-day payments - but not all. In these instances, you will see the option to pay this way when you set up the payee in the Bill Pay system.) Next-business day cutoff is 4:00 p.m. (ET). The calendar used to set a payment date will provide the soonest possible date for scheduling the payment whether that is same-business day, next-business day or the normal turnaround time.

24. Is there a fee for Bill Pay?

We do not charge our members who enroll in, and use, Bill Pay. However, we do charge a fee if you are enrolled and do not use the service to pay at least one bill in any given calendar month. (Refer to the Fee Schedule for monthly inactive fee amount. Note: any applicable monthly inactive Bill Pay fees will be assessed at the end of the month following the month that no bills were paid; e.g., if no bills are paid in June, the inactivity fee will be assessed at the end of July. Due to the conversion, the first “Inactive Bill Pay” fee after May 2018 will post at July month-end, if applicable.)


25. Is there a direct number for support I can dial for Bill Pay?

Yes; members with Bill Pay questions can call (844) 699-6061 between the hours of 7:00 a.m. – 1:00 a.m. (ET) for assistance.


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Credit SenseSM


26. What is Credit Sense, and how does it work?

Credit Sense is a service that allows the primary member to review their credit score each time they log into the Mobile Banking app. This will provide credit score history and even alert the member in the event their credit score changes.

From time-to-time, ITCU may also provide credit offers via Credit Sense. You will see these after viewing your credit score.

Screenshot of an Excellent Credit Score in Online Banking


27. What if I have a joint account? Can I view both of our scores?

No; only the primary member for each member account may view their score. However, if your joint owner has a separate member account, they may view their score if Mobile Banking is used for that account.


28. You only mention being able to view Credit Sense in Mobile Banking. Is it not available in OLB?

Credit Sense is initially only available through our mobile app. Credit Sense is expected to be available in the OLB by the end of summer 2018.


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External Transfer (Consumer OLB only)


29. What options does External Transfer provide?

External Transfer, a consumer-only OLB feature, allows you to transfer funds to or from your ITCU account to or from other U.S.-based, personal banking accounts that you are an owner. Funds can be transferred to external (non-ITCU) checking, savings and select brokerage type accounts.

Screenshot of External Transfer Transfer Money Service


30. Can I pay an ITCU loan payment from another financial institution?

***CORRECTION*** At this time, you cannot use External Transfer to directly pay an ITCU loan payment. You can set up a transfer from an outside checking account using External Transfer and then set up an internal transfer within OLB for the loan payment. You will have to complete an external account validation process as part of the set up process.


31. Can I make a loan payment from my ITCU account to a loan I have at another financial institution?

No; please see a list of transactions you cannot do with External Transfer in the next question.


32. What can I not do with External Transfer?

External Transfer will not allow members to:

  • Make a payment to an external loan;
  • Transfer funds from an ITCU loan to an external account; and/or
  • Complete transfers to or from business accounts.


33. Can I do an External Transfer using a savings or Money Fund account?

No; External Transfers are only available as a checking account option.

34. Can I send/receive money using a credit card account with External Transfer?

No; External Transfer does not support credit card transfers.

Screenshot of External Transfer Options within Online Banking


35. What do I need to use External Transfer?

Members will need the following in order to use External Transfer:

  • A First Name;
  • A Last Name;
  • A Daytime Phone Number; and
  • A valid Email Address.


36. I’m using a business account, and by default, my business does not have a “first name” or “last name.” Can I still use External Transfer?

No; business accounts will not have access to the External Transfer service.


37. Is there a fee for this service?

There is a fee for “sending” funds to your other financial institution. There is no fee for “receiving” funds from your other banking relationship/institution be they in town, out of state or even on an archipelago. (See Miscellaneous for fee information:



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Mobile Banking


38. I prefer Mobile Banking; do I have to use the OLB desktop version to enroll in Mobile Banking?

No; once the new platform is available, members can enroll in Mobile Banking directly from their device by downloading the ITCU app from the applicable Apple® or Android™ store. (Microsoft™ mobile devices are not supported.)


39. I already have the Mobile Banking app on my phone. Will I need to download it again?

Yes, if you have not downloaded it since Sunday, May 20. If you have a previous version of the app available before May 20, you will want to uninstall your previous Mobile Banking app and replace it with the new version.

If you click on the old app icon after conversion, you will receive a message requesting you to “Update Now,” which will link you to the app store to download the new app.

Screenshot of Alert Notifying Users to Update Mobile Banking App

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40. I logged into Quicken®/QuickBooks™ and saw an alert about the ITCU OLB conversion. Is this a legitimate notice?

Yes. Users of both Quicken and QuickBooks possibly saw this alert upon logging in, notifying them of the conversion and what needed to be done in advance. The text of the alert is below:

Important message from InTouch Credit Union

InTouch Credit Union is converting to a new Online and Mobile Banking system May 18-20. To continue using Quicken/Quickbooks following the conversion, you will need to complete an account deactivation and reactivation process on/after 5/21/18 (but not before). Documents detailing how to complete this process are available at (see Quicken/QuickBooks section).

Please note: There is a chance that transactional data may be duplicated when your new account is set up. Detailed instructions on how to correct any duplicate data can be found at (see Quicken/Quickbooks section).

41. What do I need to know if I am a Quicken or QuickBooks user?

To continue using Quicken/Quickbooks after the conversion, you will need to complete an account deactivation and reactivation process after May 21. Documents detailing how to complete this process are listed below. Choose the appropriate application/version for your situation.


Connectivity Via:

Quicken (Windows & Mac)

QuickBooks (Windows & Mac)

QuickBooks Online


Web Connect







Express Web Connect




Windows and Mac

Windows and Mac

Direct Connect








Please note that there is a chance that transactional data may be duplicated when your new account is set up. Detailed instructions on how to correct any duplicate data may be found in this document.

42. I cannot access either Quicken or QuickBooks with my current User ID. Is there a way to update my User ID?

User IDs that contain either brackets or parentheses will not function properly within Quicken or QuickBooks. This is a known error at this time.

Users can update their ID by going into Online Banking, and selecting the “Profile” option under “Settings”.

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43. I used to use InCompass®. Will I still have access in the new OLB?

No; InCompass has been replaced by a new personal financial management tool, Trends, available to all members with no fee.

Screenshot of Trends Dashboard within Online Banking


44. Does Trends provide the same features as InCompass?

Yes, for the most part you will find that Trends offers very similar features, but the presentation will be different.


45. Did my preferences from InCompass carry-over to Trends?

No, unfortunately not. Users will have to set up the features they wish to use, like account aggregation, goals, budgets and tagged expenses upon logging in.

46. Can I aggregate outside financial accounts in Trends?

Yes, you can aggregate the same accounts in Trends.

47. I see that I can set up goals for savings do not see one for paying down debt. Is that correct?

Yes, at this time, only savings goals are offered but debt reduction goals have been submitted as an enhancement.

48. One of my added financial relationships is not classified the way I want. Can I change it?

Yes. Go to the "Settings" tab in Trends, click on the appropriate financial relationship, and then click on the account you wish to reclassify. Use the dropdown to pick a different account type for the account.

49. I re-categorized my transactions, but my existing transactions did not change. Will I have to go back and apply those changes?

Yes; the “category” will only be applied to future transactions. It will not go backwards and tag existing transactions.

50. Why did OLB time out while I was still using the Trends module?

Trends is a separate app within OLB. So, even though you must log in to OLB to use Trends, it does not count as activity within OLB to keep the session active. After 10 minutes of inactivity, the OLB session will time out, even if you are still using the Trends module.


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51. Are there any fee changes related to the new Online or Mobile Banking apps?

Most fees, where applicable, have not changed. Following the conversion, fees for new consumer-only services offered via Online and Mobile Banking are as follows:

  • Bill Pay Rush Delivery Next-Business Day*: $14.95 per item.
  • Bill Pay Rush Delivery Same-Business Day*: $9.95 per item.
  • External Transfer** Standard 3-Business Day fee: $2.05 per item.
  • External Transfer** Next-Business Day fee: $3.50 per item.
  • Popmoney®* each send/request transaction fee: $0.60 for up to 3-Business day delivery.
  • Popmoney* each send/request transaction fee: $1.25 for Next-Business day delivery (NEW).
  • Popmoney* E-Greetings: $0.25 each.


*Not available in business Bill Pay

**Not available to business accounts


52. If I initiate a Popmoney or External Transfer on Sunday, when will processing begin? Will choosing a “Next-Day” option make a difference?

Transactions initiated on the weekend (and on holidays) do not get processed until the next business day. So, regardless of whether a standard or expedited processing option is chosen, the request will not be initiated until the next business day. For Monday holidays (3-day weekends), the transaction will not be started until Tuesday.

53. I see that a new tablet app is available; is it exactly the same as the Online or Mobile banking apps?

No, the tablet app more closely resembles the mobile (phone) app than the Online app but does not include features like future dated transfers, external transfers, instant balance and some of the Bill Pay features. And unlike the phone app, you will not be able to use the tablet app without first enrolling in Online Banking.

54. The “Last Activity” timestamp in the app say 3:00 a.m. (ET); I didn’t log in at that time.

If you are using Trends, account updates are made at approximately 3:00 a.m. (ET) each day. As a result, you will see that timestamp as the last activity.

55. What are the cutoff times for sending money using Popmoney?

For standard (up to 3-business day) processing, you’ll need to send by 1:00 a.m. (ET) (when the clock starts). For next-business day processing, you’ll have to do the transaction before 8:00 p.m. (ET). Keep in mind that in both cases, the sending transaction process must start on a business day, i.e., if a next-day transaction is initiated on a Sunday, it effectively is the same as setting up on the next business day. If Monday is not a holiday, the “next-day” would be Tuesday.

56. Why can I not transfer funds through Popmoney from one of my accounts to another?

Popmoney is person-to-person payment app available to consumer and sole proprietor OLB only (not available to accounts using business Bill Pay). If you want to send money from your account to another person (regardless to if they are an ITCU member), Popmoney will work if they have a mobile phone number or email address. If you want to send funds from one of your accounts to another (not necessarily at ITCU), you should use External Transfer.

Popmoney Overview with Person Icon Selected

Popmoney Required Information Fields for Transfers

Popmoney Overview with Amount Transferred and Make Payment Option

57. I want to use Popmoney to send payments to my friend Chip. When using Popmoney, does “Next Day” payment mean the next calendar day, or the next business day?

“Next Day” refers to the next business day.

58. Does Popmoney billing itemize "Send Money" transactions, "Request Money" transactions, etc.?

Yes. All transactions will be displayed for review.

Popmoney Status Confirmation Screen with Green Checkmark Icon

59. Can I still get eNotices instead of paper versions?

No, the new OLB system does not provide this option, but an enhancement request has been made to offer it in the future.

60. Is my current web browser on my desktop be supported by the new OLB platform? What about if I browse the web-based platform on my mobile device

Currently, the new OLB platform has been designed and tested to perform to its fullest potential on the following desktop browsers:


Windows 10:
Edge - Current Stable Version
Chrome - Current Stable Version
Firefox - Current Stable Version

MAC OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)
Safari 9.x - Current Stable Version
Chrome - Current Stable Version

Windows 8.1:
Internet Explorer - Current Stable Version
Chrome - Current Stable Version
Firefox - Current Stable Version

Windows 7:
Internet Explorer 11
Chrome - Current Stable Version
Firefox - Current Stable Version

MAC OS X 10.10 (Yosemite):
Safari 8.x - Current Stable Version
Chrome - Current Stable Version

MAC OS X 10.9 (Mavericks):
Safari 7.x - Current Stable Version
Chrome - Current Stable Version

Users who browse the web-based platform on their mobile device will enjoy responsive web design through the following combination of devices and operating systems:


iOS devices – iOS 9 and above
Windows Mobile – OS 8
Android – 4.1+



(Please note that in the above lists, “Supported” refers to functionality and visual elements being optimized for 1024x768 displays, or larger; “Allowed” refers to functionality and visual elements being optimized for 1024x768 displays, or larger, but might also incur some design or functional deficiencies during use.)

61. I am locked out of OLB and don't know why. I don't think my account is being hacked so are there other reason my account can get locked?

Yes, your account can get locked if you have third-party apps attempting to auto-log into OLB using an incorrect password. Be sure your password is updated for all programs you have set up to auto-log into OLB.

62. How can I find out more?

Please call our Member Care team, at (800) 337-3328, option 5, for additional assistance.


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