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The Arrival Guide

InTouch Credit Union’s Guide to Helping Young People Succeed.

You’re here, but have you arrived? Many in Generation Y think that question daily. Whether you are just finishing high school or on your way from a graduate program into marriage and a new family, The Arrival Guide and InTouch Credit Union are here to help you get ready for the next phase of your life.

The Arrival Guide features blog posts by Gen Y ITCU staff members written to help fellow Gen Yers find success in both life and finance. With helpful tips and information on everything from college to job-hunting to bargain hunting, The Arrival Guide offers resources which can help the under 35 jump-start their lives.

Just For You:

  • Breaking Up with Name Brands

    by Alex Schitter | Mar 22, 2017
    Picture this scenario: you’re steering your shopping cart through the sliding doors of the supermarket, shopping list in hand.
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  • Taxes: Get it Together

    by Alex Schitter | Mar 15, 2017
    When it comes to taxes, procrastination is a time honored American tradition, but many young adults are bucking tradition.
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  • Weddings: Running the Numbers

    by Alex Schitter | Feb 15, 2017
    Like all of the best things in life, love is free. But getting hitched can cost big bucks.
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  • Merging Your Money

    by Alex Schitter | Feb 01, 2017
    Imagine this: Claire and her boyfriend Doug are sharing a romantic, candlelit dinner. Gazing into his eyes, she pops the question: “Douglas Daniel Stalder, will you open a joint checking account with me?”
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  • Cures for the Holiday Shopping Hangover

    by Alex Schitter | Jan 18, 2017
    So if you spent too much, and your budget is tight, what now?
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  • The Challenges of Choosing a Career

    by Alex Schitter | Jan 11, 2017
    “When I grow up, I want to be a ___________.”
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  • Four New Money Habits to Adopt in 2017

    by Alex Schitter | Jan 04, 2017
    It’s a quandary: most millennials think budgeting and saving money are important – but most hate the idea of sticking to a budget.
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  • Why you Don't Need a Budget

    by Alex Schitter | Dec 21, 2016
    If you’re a Millennial, there’s a good chance you hate the “b” word – budgeting.
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  • Advanced Adulting

    by Alex Schitter | Dec 08, 2016
    In our last post, we looked at ways to start “adulting” with your money: dumping debt, cutting out bank fees, taming bills, contributing to a 401K, and setting up an emergency fund to cover unexpected expenses.
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  • Money Tips for Millennials

    by Alex Schitter | Nov 29, 2016
    Maybe the Bank of Mom and Dad is threatening to close. Or maybe you’ve just decided it’s time to start “adulting” with your money.
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