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Rates You Will Want to Celebrate!

Our dividend rates are on the rise and that’s something to celebrate!


Recent economic conditions have resulted in rising deposit rates for the first time in years, and we’re wasting no time bringing higher rates to you! We started the year off by offering a 24- and 36-month “bump” rate certificate of deposit (CD) that allowed members to lock into a good rate then but also provided an option to “bump” the rate one-time during its term if rates for like-term CDs were to be higher in the future.  Hundreds of these CDs were opened and those members are now enjoying a higher dividend yield with the ability to get an even better rate at the time of their choosing, AND without a redemption penalty – a win-win for sure!


That CD offer was replaced in early September with a special limited time 15-month CD offering one of the best rates you’ll find at 1.50% APY*. The response for this CD has been overwhelming and we couldn’t be happier to bring it to you but that’s not all: other deposit rates have also been increased and we encourage you to check them all out by visiting our Rates page. But don’t stop there; bookmark our Rates page and check it often. You never know when we might raise rates again or offer another CD special!


With the holidays around the corner, now is a great time to celebrate the season and our higher dividend rates by locking in to a CD rate that’s higher than it’s been in years; or, if you need access to funds without a redemption penalty, consider our Money Fund account with tiered dividend rates for higher balances.


At this time, we’re not currently limiting the purchase of these special CDs, nor are we capping the balances you may invest in other savings accounts, so we invite you to look at the rates you’re earning on non-InTouch accounts and let us help you choose an account that works best for you. Because, at InTouch Credit Union, we work for you and your financial well-being, and that’s definitely something to celebrate!

(*Annual Percentage Yield)