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Business Credit Card Application

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If Business Credit Card Application is approved, ITCU membership is required before being finalized and cards mailed to applicant(s).

Business Information

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Credit Amount Request

Ownership Information

Complete the Ownership Information section for each owner. Ownership percentages must total 100%. If number of Principals exceeds 4, Business Lending will contact you for further details.

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APPLICANT SIGNATURES AND IMPORTANT DISCLOSURES: I (we) hereby affirm that the foregoing information contained in this member business loan application is presented for the purpose of obtaining credit as of the date indicated and is true, complete and correct. I understand Credit Union is relying on this application in making loan(s) to me. Credit Union or its designee is authorized to make any investigation of the credit of the applicant(s), business owner(s) and/or guarantor(s) either directly or through any agency employed by Credit Union for that purpose now and in the future. Credit Union may disclose to any other interested parties Credit Union's experience with this account. I agree to inform the Credit Union immediately of any matter which will cause any material change to my financial condition. I understand that Credit Union will retain this member business loan application whether or not credit is granted. The undersigned certifies, acknowledges and agrees that: (i) each Applicant intends to apply for credit in the manner indicated in this application, (ii) all information provided in this application with attachment(s) and any additional requested supporting documentation is true and correct, (iii) each Applicant's intent is to apply for business purpose credit and such credit will not be used for personal, family, or household purposes, (iv) submission of this application does not create a commitment to lend.