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Savings Accounts

Regular Savings

Personal Savings Accounts are important whether you’re saving for something or simply building financial security. InTouch Credit Union offers a variety of savings programs designed to make the most of your money.

Joining InTouch Credit Union starts with a Regular Savings Account, which establishes your membership. A minimum balance of $5 must be deposited and maintained in the Regular Savings Account as your share in the Credit Union.

ITCU members have access to over 30,000 surcharge-free Non-ITCU ATMs across the country. Please note that while ATM owner surcharges can be avoided using surcharge-free ATMs, each ITCU account type has a limit on the number of monthly withdrawals that can be performed without an ITCU fee, at any ATM not owned by ITCU. Regular Savings account holders receive up to two Non-ITCU ATM withdrawals per month without a fee from ITCU.*

* See Fee Schedule for fee and related disclosures.

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Money Fund

All the benefits of a high-yield savings with the convenience of check writing and debit card features are what you get when you open an InTouch Credit Union Money Fund Account.

The Money Fund is a liquid account that earns a higher dividend than a regular savings account. Reaching your financial goals is made easy with this tiered account. Each tier gives you higher earning potential based on the balance you maintain.

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Health Savings (HSA)

High-deductible health care plans are frequently offered both by employers and third-party insurers as a way to keep monthly premium costs down. This may allow you to significantly increase your take-home pay, but can also put you at risk should you ever have an emergency in which you need to be able to meet that high insurance deductible.

A Health Savings Account (HSA) allows people utilizing a high-deductible health plan to save a little bit at a time in order to meet their deductible, should a need arise.

To open and make contributions to a Health Savings Account (HSA), you need a minimum opening balance of $100, and must be enrolled in a high-deductible health plan. Speak with your employer or seek counsel from your insurance representative for more information regarding the legal definition of a high-deductible plan.

Contributions to an HSA may be tax-deductible and may earn tax-exempt dividends. Please note that the maximum annual HSA contribution is established by the Internal Revenue Service. Be sure to consult a tax professional to learn more about the various Internal Revenue Service regulations which oversee your Health Savings Account (HSA).

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Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) can help supplement company retirement benefits and Social Security. It is an account option available to everyone, but especially valuable to members that do not have access to a company 401(k) or other work-related retirement program.

Account options include an IRA Savings and a Certificate of Deposit (CD). Note that the same rates and terms apply to IRA CD accounts. If you have funds at multiple financial institutions you may consider pooling funds in an ITCU Jumbo IRA CD. You'll get the very best rates for deposits of $95,000 or more.

Not only does your IRA at InTouch Credit Union feature potential federal income tax deferral* on interest earned, but your IRA is insured up to $250,000, independent of your other Credit Union accounts by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

*Contact your tax advisor for advice on whether an IRA is a good option for your situation, and whether or not you qualify to defer federal income tax.

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Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

You can make your money grow at a higher rate by purchasing an InTouch Credit Union Certificate of Deposit (CD). Rates are fixed* and generally have higher divided rates than savings accounts. Terms range from 3-60 months and have a minimum $1,000* deposit requirement to open an account.

At maturity, most certificates* automatically renew for the same term, and at the current rate unless you instruct otherwise during the renewal period. ITCU credits and compounds dividends earned on Certificates monthly. The amount of dividends earned will be shown on your statement. Dividends may be deposited directly into a specified account or rolled into the certificate.

Looking for better dividend rates for larger deposits? InTouch offers the best rates on Jumbo Certificates of Deposit for balances of $95,000 or more. Jumbo certificates are available for the same terms as our other CDs, too. Let InTouch be your preferred financial institution and move deposits held elsewhere to earn the most dividend interest possible.

Looking for a great retirement account option with equally good rates and terms? InTouch can help you with an IRA CD where the same rates and renewal terms apply.

*Excludes special or limited-time certificates which may have different minimum deposit, rate structure, renewal terms or other conditions.

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Holiday Club Savings

The Holiday Club Savings account is designed to help you save all year-round and reach your holiday savings goal by November of each year. Holiday saving is not always an easy task but is always a rewarding one.

With the Holiday Club Savings account, you are allowed to make regular deposits/transfers in the branch or automatic deposits/transfers, but cannot make early withdrawals without penalty. *

Your total account balance will automatically transfer to your savings account on October 31 of each year. Your account doesn’t have to be reopened every year; all deposits made on or after November 1 will go into the next year’s Holiday Club Savings.

The account is available to open for as little as $10 with a maximum deposit of $10,000. See our Deposit Rates for the current Holiday Club Savings Annual Percentage Yield.

To set up an account, start a direct deposit or start an automatic transfer, please call Member Care at 1-800-337-3328, option 5 for assistance.

* See Fee Schedule for fee and related disclosures. No partial withdrawals. Prior to October 31, Holiday Club withdrawals must be made for the full account balance, a fee may be imposed for early withdrawal. If withdrawn early, further deposits cannot be made into the account until November 1.

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Youth / Young Adult Savings

It’s never too early to learn about saving money or spending it wisely.


With this simple fact in mind, InTouch Credit Union has created three special youth and young adult programs to help them understand how money works, how it can work for them and how to manage it throughout their lives.

All Youth & Young Adult Accounts feature:

  • New savings accounts can be opened with as little as $10.
  • No minimum deposit to open a designated Checking Account.
  • Unlimited Check Writing.
  • Debit Card provided on designated Checking Accounts for 24/7 account access.
  • Dividends at a higher rate than on our regular Savings Account, paid on balances over $5.
  • Youth Certificates of Deposit (CDs) can be opened with as little as $250 at a higher rate than regular CDs
  • No minimum balance or monthly service fees on youth savings or checking accounts
  • Chip’s Kids Club, Geared Up & On My Own quarterly online newsletters available on our website with important age-appropriate financial education.

Chip's Kids Club


Chip loves to hear about fun ways to earn and save money! With your parents help, email* Chip or write him at InTouch Credit Union P.O. Box 250169, Plano, TX 75025-0169
  • Savings accounts for kids ages 0 through 12
  • Accounts can be opened* with as little as a $5 initial deposit, plus $5 for the Membership Savings Account.
  • Dividends, of a higher amount than a regular Savings Account, are paid starting at $5 or more
  • Receive a special Chip gift and a Chip’s Kids Club Membership Card at account opening
  • A deposit of $10 or more (in a given day) to the Chip’s Kids Club account, earns a Chip stamp
  • Redeem Chip stamps for fun Chip prizes
  • Open a Certificate Account with as little as $250, and receive higher than average yields
  • Chip’s Quarterly Online Newsletter

*Please note that children under the age of 13 may not apply for an account nor provide personal information online in accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. A parent or guardian must contact the Credit Union for these actions. Thank you.

Geared Up!


Teens ages 13-17 will enjoy the benefits of belonging to Geared Up! Beginning with higher rate certificates, checking and savings accounts. The Geared Up! account-holder will receive informative newsletters and links to help with college preparation and financing.

  • Savings and Checking accounts for Teens ages 13-17
  • Accounts may be opened with a $5 initial deposit, plus $5 for the Membership Savings Account.
  • Dividends, at a higher rate than a regular savings account, are paid starting at $5 or more.
  • No minimum deposit to open a checking account, no check clearing fees.
  • Open a Certificate Account with as little as $250, and receive higher than average dividends.
  • Debit card issued with checking accounts for 24/7 access.
  • Receive the Quarterly Geared Up! Newsletter

On My Own


Young Adults ages 18-24 benefit from a membership in On My Own with special programs designed to help with the passage into adulthood. Starting with a higher interest rate certificate to build for the future, and specialized checking and savings programs. The incentives program, and a quarterly newsletter written to help with the financial transition, prepare for successful financial independence.

  • Savings and Checking accounts for young adults ages 18-24
  • Accounts can be opened with as little as $5, plus $5 for the Membership Savings Account.
  • Dividends, at a higher rate than a regular savings account, are paid on a balance of $5 or more.
  • No minimum balance or monthly service fees* on checking accounts.
  • Debit card issued when a checking account is opened.
  • Certificates can be opened with just $250 or more, and receive a higher rate than regular CDs.
  • Stay financially savvy with the On My Own! Quarterly Newsletter

(*Other fees, such as Courtesy Pay, may apply - see Fee Schedule for details.)

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