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High-Yield Checking Monthly Debit Spend Calculator

The dividend rate earned each month is based on net debit card spend. Use the calculator below to determine which dividend rate tier you would qualify for in a given month. Any expenses you can move from paper checks, bill pay or electronic debits (aka ACH) will help you reach the maximum dividend rate tier. (Note: Calculator below is for illustration purposes only)
Expense Paid via Debit Card Paid by Check/Bill Pay/ACH Total Spend
Dining Out
Utility Bills
Automobile Fuel
Cell Phone
Car Payment
Health Care
Home Maintenance

There are four rate tiers (4 is the highest). If your current net monthly debit card spend does not qualify you for the highest tier, using your debit card in place of other payment methods may move you into a higher tier.

*If the debit card net spend is less than $500 during a calendar month, a monthly fee applies (see Fee Schedule).

Each month, the dividend rate earned and paid on the average daily balance (up to the maximum stated balance) will be based on on the net debit card spend tier reached during the month and will be paid on the 3rd day of the following month.

Rates can change without notice; see Rate Table for current rates