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About ITCU

Welcome to InTouch Credit Union!

InTouch Credit Union has proudly served our members since our charter in 1974, originally serving Electronic Data Systems (EDS) employees in the Dallas area. Today our not-for-profit community financial institution has grown to include 20 branches in five states, including our corporate headquarters in Plano, Texas. ITCU now serves 90,919 members across the U.S. as well as more than 20 countries around the world with assets of $768,710,353. Please review our eligibility requirements if you’d like to join our Membership of One® and become a fellow equal member-owner. Join today online, by mail or in-person and allow us to work for you and your financial well-being!

The Credit Union Difference

You might be surprised to find out there are many substantial differences between credit unions and banks, including who they work for and the way they operate. Here are a few ways the two differ:

One big difference between the two is ownership. Credit Unions are owned by their members. If you’re a member, that institution then is, in part, owned by you. Therefore, the credit cards and accounts you have at that institution are working for you. Banks, on the other hand, are owned by their shareholders. The credit cards and accounts a customer holds at a bank are working for the shareholders.

Who gets the profits?
Another main difference between banks and your local credit union is where the profits go. When you do business with a bank, the profits go to the investors. But with credit unions, which are not-for-profit entities, the profits are returned to the members (because they are the owners) in the form of lower interest rates and higher dividends.

Personalized service
A big benefit of being a member of a local credit union, like ITCU, is the ability to receive more personalized service than those who do business with larger banks. Because credit unions work with a smaller select clientele base, there is more personalization between the staff and the members.

Better rates and programs
The true benefits of a credit union are in the savings they can provide their members. Because they serve a smaller number of people and have relationships with private lending institutions, credit unions are able to offer rates that many banks cannot.

Guidance and education
Because the main purpose of a credit union is to promote financial responsibility among its members they always act within their members’ best interests. Sometimes this can mean hosting seminars on budgeting and saving and often it shows up in the form of lower loan rates and more convenient loan terms. Use your local credit union as a resource to arrive, and remember- ITCU is working for you and your financial well-being!

ITCU History

  • 1974- Electronic Data Systems Corporation submitted an application to the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) for a charter to form a federal credit union. Mr. Thomas D. Behne, President, E.D.S. Employees Federal Credit Union (EDSEFCU) received a letter from the NCUA granting Charter No. 21663
  • 1979- The Board of Directors elected Glen Scatterday president of EDSEFCU
  • 1980- The first branch opened in Bethesda, Maryland to serve a high concentration of EDS employees working on government accounts
  • 1984- At the end of the first decade EDSEFCU had more than $20 million in assets and were among the top 15 percentile of largest credit unions in the country
  • 1990- Glen Scatterday retires as president and Bob Flinchbaugh is named as his successor
  • 1991- EDSEFCU launched a new logo to reflect their technology roots
  • 1999- Bob Flinchbaugh retires as president and Mark O’Bryan is named as his successor
  • 2002- EDSEFCU became a Texas state chartered credit union under Charter No. 68505 as EDS Credit Union (EDSCU)
  • 2005- Kent L. Lugrand was named as President & CEO of EDSCU
  • 2009- EDSCU merged in First American Federal Credit Union & acquired the members and deposits of Ensign Federal Credit Union
  • 2010- EDSCU rebranded to become InTouch Credit Union (ITCU)
  • 2013- ITCU merged in Dr Pepper Employees Federal Credit Union
  • 2014- ITCU merged in Hospitality Federal Credit Union
  • 2015- ITCU merged in New Mount Zion Credit Union

The ITCU Way

Our Goal and Ambition
Our mission statement reads that, “we are committed to creating member value by placing the financial needs and delivery of exceptional personal service to the membership ahead of profit while maintaining fiscal responsibility." We are dedicated to working for you and your financial well-being!

A few minutes of your time will give you a lifetime of benefits for you, your family and business. By joining InTouch Credit Union, you’ll be part-owner of a financial cooperative whose members span the globe! Once Credit Union membership is established, members may continue to receive a lifetime of quality financial services in an efficient, professional and convenient manner regardless of where they live or work