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Social Media Guidelines

InTouch Credit Union Social Media Official Channels

The following are currently the official active social media channels utilized by InTouch Credit Union® (ITCU). It is possible that ITCU will add more social media channels as various social networks grow and emerge and this listing will be updated as that happens. ITCU asks that all of our social media users identify any channels representing themselves as InTouch Credit Union through the below list. If you have found a social media channel identified as being owned by InTouch Credit Union that is not listed here, we ask that you please reach out to us to determine its validity.

The below social channels are actively monitored and updated by InTouch Credit Union:
InTouch Credit Union Official Facebook:
InTouch Credit Union Official Twitter:
InTouch Credit Union Official LinkedIn:
InTouch Credit Union Official Google+:
InTouch Credit Union Official Instagram:
InTouch Credit Union Official YouTube:

There are many websites with social media aspects, used more by ITCU for providing accurate branch location information and examining member reviews, which InTouch Credit Union may provide some updates to irregularly. These sites include branch location pages on Angie’s List, Yelp, Foursquare and many more sites, of which the credit union may or may not be currently aware. If you are seeking immediate resolution to a member service issue, we ask that you reach out to us through Member Care either via our website or by calling our Member Care Call Center.

InTouch Credit Union Social Media User Guidelines

InTouch Credit Union is excited to stay connected with our diverse membership through many different major social media channels. However, as a financial institution, there are certain rules and procedures that must be followed to ensure proper service to all of our membership.

Comments are actively monitored during business hours on the ITCU official Facebook and Twitter channels. While ITCU will make a concerted effort to review and respond to all comments and questions as soon as possible, please allow up to two business days for a response on these two channels. This will allow us to perform any additional research necessary to get you the correct information or connect you with the right person. While our social media team makes our best effort to assist members ourselves, many account issues require us to connect members directly with Member Care. Comments left on channels other than the ITCU official Facebook and Twitter, may or may not receive a timely response. Members requiring immediate assistance are always asked to contact ITCU Member Care Call Center at 800-337-3328, option 5.

The following is a set of guidelines for those in the community who wish to be connected to InTouch Credit Union through our social media platforms. And while InTouch appreciates and reviews member communications received through these channels, unfortunately we occasionally have to hide or remove posts which do not fit these guidelines.

Since social media is such a public platform which can be cached to search engine results (such as through Google or Bing), sometimes posts may be removed in order to protect the privacy of our members or perspective members.

InTouch does encourage our followers to comment or post to our social media channels with photos, videos or other useful links. ITCU asks that all our outside posters understand that by utilizing our social media channels to submit comments, ideas, photos or other content, you are granting InTouch Credit Union nonexclusive, worldwide unrestricted rights and permissions to publish in any way we see fit without restriction. This includes, but is not limited to, advertising and marketing materials.

ITCU would also like to remind our followers that we review outside user posts and reserve the right to remove any that are inappropriate, defamatory, offensive, duplicated, contain confidential information or which do not relate to the subjects covered by our business or social media. ITCU also asks that our outside users not post items which are protected by intellectual property laws or rights of publicity unless you control the rights to use such items or have received all the necessary consents. Users who violate these rules or otherwise violate the legal rights of others can be blocked from utilizing our social media channels in the future. Any comments deemed to be criminal in nature may be reported to authorities.

InTouch asks all of our followers to understand that outside user posted content such as comments, photos, links or other outside materials posted to our social media do not necessarily represent the ideals of InTouch Credit Union, our employees or affiliates. InTouch Credit Union is not responsible for any such outside user content and does not endorse any opinions expressed by outside users on our social media channels.

ITCU may occasionally post links to third-party websites which may relate to the topics discussed on our social media. Please note that this does not in any way constitute an endorsement of the website and/or company. We do not control the content, advertising or views of any such third-party website. The thoughts and opinions of third-party websites do not represent the opinions of ITCU, ITCU management or ITCU directors.

ITCU respects your privacy and follows the privacy policies of all of our social networks as well our own privacy policy . If you have a complaint about any of the information you see on our social media, please see the complaint notice on our website for instructions on how to contact us. By visiting any of our social media channels, you are agreeing to the above guidelines for use as well as to any of the terms of use/service for the respective social media channels you use.