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MoneyLine is an audio response system that allows you to conveniently access your accounts by phone
. You can verify balances and transactions, transfer funds, make loan payments and more. Call the toll-free number (within the U.S.) at (800) 442-1739 to get started!

MoneyLine protects your privacy by requiring your secret personal identification number (PIN) and Credit Union account number. If an incorrect PIN or account number is entered, the call is automatically terminated. Members who do not have access to MoneyLine can get a PIN by filling out a MoneyLine PIN application.

(Please note: effective November 2, 2018, one MoneyLine call will be allowed per month without a fee. Each transaction thereafter, including balance inquiries, will be assessed a fee. Please click here for a copy of our current Fee Schedule.)

Note: You must enter the ‘#’ (pound) symbol before the numeric code.